Thursday, 5 March 2015

Ready to navigate through the darkness?

I think that you already know what the revomaze is but in case you're new to the puzzling word let me explain you what it is about.

The revomaze is a hidden maze, very well made with CNC machines and made un UK!! What can you ask more as a proof of quality? Nothing more :-)
I would like to point out the care taken in protecting the puzzle. It is well wrapped in bubble paper and in a box with foam. The puzzle are in metal with an anodization. Due to the weight of the puzzle I really advise you to take care: if you drop it on your feet, that will be a real pain!... Also the firm advises you not to play too long time with their puzzles and to make some breaks. Indeed, after too long time of playing you can have soar fingers.

The color is very nice!

The goal of all the revomazes is to pull, push, rotate the shaft inside the outer sleeve to release the pin and get your certificate that shows you succeeded in solving the puzzle. Note that the certificate is only included in the V1 versions, not in the "obsessions" versions and not in the "extreme V2" versions. The maze of the extreme V2 and obsessions are the same as in the V2 versions, but the obsessions versions are in plastic and even if the extreme V2 is in metal, I really prefer the look of the extreme V1 puzzles and there are more choices in the extreme V1. But it's up to you!

This new extreme V1 is the copper revomaze, the puzzles are named according to the color of the outer sleeve. There had been the V1 blue, green, bronze, gold, etc.
Each color has a different difficulty, the blue one is the easiest (it does not mean it is easy at all!!) and about the copper it won't be easy but as it is new, then people will give their opinion about it a bit later. So as for now we don't really know how many hours you will need to solve the puzzle.

So, is it about only a common maze? No! There are many difficulties: first it is a hidden maze, so you don't really know where you are. Many people map the maze, but that is not an easy task because sometimes you can map a path and another, but this another path is almost the same as the first paths, just because you you've come back to the beginning...You see.
The other difficulty is that it is not just a maze, there are many traps inside: dead-ends, other obstacles and some holes that if you go into them, you will have to start from the beginning of the puzzle!!
So you have to remember the good way to avoid traps. You need good memory, good mapping and a lot of persistence also :-)

Since the writting of this review, I have not yet solved the puzzle but I am trying to. For the moment I can say that it is not easy, but fun anyway. The first moves are not difficult and I was not trapped. Then, avoiding a "click" sound I navigated more in the maze, with many care not to fall. But after there is like a circle trap or things like that I don't know. I cannot go further: if I keep going up, I fall in a trap. If I turn right, I fall also. And I cannot turn left...Pretty strange...If some of you have already tried to play with your copper, perhaps you understand what I mean and then give me some advice :-)

Revomaze are not cheap but the quality is very good and you know for the time spent to solve the puzzle, it's definitely worth the money. Whether you're a metal puzzle collector or you like mazes, I think you will have fun with them. The firm bosts to make the most difficult puzzle in the world, I totally agree with them. That's about puzzles you will solve not in minutes, but in hours, or months, or...never?... :-)

Is it original? Yes !
Is it difficult? Yes, frustratingly difficult !!
Is it worth the money? Of course !!! You will spend long time to solve them...
Will it fit well in your collection? I am sure it will !!!!

You can buy the puzzles HERE.
There were 100 copper revomazes for the first batch. They have been all sold! What a success :-)
The second batch of puzzles will be shipped from the end of March. Order one if you've not done it so far, perhaps there won't be a third batch... ;-)

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