Thursday, 18 June 2015

VOTE !!!

In his (just now) last newsletter Eric Fuller asked us to vote for a list of 5 puzzles we would like him to make again, and he will take the most chosen puzzle.

Here is my list:
  1. One piece packing puzzle
  2. 51 pound box
  3. Irmo puzzle box
  4. Topless box
  5. Beaulid box

One piece packing puzzle is a very unusual puzzle, this is very good and it was not very expensive!


So nice!!

Don't forget to vote !!! ;-))

For which puzzles will you vote?


  1. Thanks for reminding everyone! I see we have a similar interest in his incredible boxes!

    1. No problem, that's also the goal of a blog, isn't it? :-)

      Yes these boxes look really interesting. But my first choice remains the packing puzzle because usually you do not only pack one piece, but many. Which makes this puzzle all the more interesting.

      I really hope that Eric will release a new batch of this puzzle :-)

      See you

  2. I voted for: Tornado Burr, Slump Cube, Octo Burr, Lock Nut, L-Bert Hall.


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