Thursday, 1 June 2017

Revomaze V1 aqua

Easiest one of the revo series, but one of the latest revo to be released, this one offers a nice introduction to the revomaze world.

Many people ask with which revo they should start their journey,, and honestly I can only recommand to start with the easiest. Because it will give you the basics and you will learn how to map the mazes and traps. And then your second challenge is also to be as fast as possible!

Nice color!

What about the maze itself? This is a static maze (meaning no small parts move inside) and the maze is pretty straight forward. Several walls will prevent a beginner to fall. But of course you will fall many times before drawing a proper map of the maze.

There is no tricks nor dexterity involved. "Just" a maze.

I know that many puzzle who experiences harder mazes but find this one easy, but well I am sure that a revo collector will stil buy it to play and collect it. And a beginner will have a nice one to start as well. I think it's suitable for everybody then.

It did not take me long time to solve as you can imagine. I bought a revo mapper that a guy on the revo forum made with 3D printers and I must admit this worked perfectly. Many people have difficulties to map or don't know how to construct a tool to map the revo. 2 guys (and surprisingly, not the most seasoned! why did the most experienced guy did not do anything??!!) made revo mapper. You can have a look on the revo forum and contact them. The design is different, you can buy both to see which one you prefer. I really advise these mappers.

New revo should be released soon. Stay tunned!

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