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PUZZLES THAT I SELL - update December 2nd 2018 !!! check until the bottom of the page!!

On each update: either some puzzles have been sold, either some have been added, either both.

I sell the below puzzles.
The list will be updated from time to time so don't forget to have a look ;-)

All are in perfect condition and work perfectly.
Any issue regarding the mechanism will be mentioned.

Shipping is tracked wherever you're are. You will need to sign the parcel to get it.
All the care is taken to ensure the puzzles will not get damaged during the delivery.
However I am not responsible in case your customs/delivery guys are not careful enough.

If you need that I write any specific information in the custom form, let me know prior to the shippment. Same things as if you want to insure the parcel. Any additional costs (like a higher insurrance) will be paid by the buyer.

Payment is with paypal.

Solution upon request (if you buy the puzzle, of course).

Price ranges:
€      = less than or equal to 250 euros
€€    = more than 250 euros but less than or equal to 500 euros
€€€  = more than 500 euros

If you're interested and/or have questions, please send me a message.


If you're looking for specific puzzles that are not listed here (metal, wood, etc.) from any designers (Srijbos, karakuri, etc.) just let me know by sending a message.


Ball of whacks
It's a magnetic toy. You can make several shapes. A small booklet is included with some challenges and mathematical thoughts.
Price: €

Monumental Challenge by Andy Manvell
The goal is to remove the pointed piece. The puzzle is pretty tall
Price: €

Puzzle by Keith Winegar
The goal is to disasemble the pieces. The tool is just to maintain the pieces and remove the screw
Price: €

Prototype of the Dorstorm puzzle
The Dorstorm puzzle was invented long time ago and made recently by Robrech Louage for the ipp exchange in San Diego (2018). This prototype is not fully functional in the way that it's easily solved (compared to the final version) and it's missing a round plate on both side of the puzzle. So this is more a collector item, especially if you have the final version. You can compare both version. Maybe that may help you understand how to solve the final version. And if you don't have the final version, you can still buy this prototype and make the additional piece to have a fully functional puzzle.
Price: €

Vinco XIV
An interlocking ball puzzle made by Vinco. More difficult than it looks. Will be shipped assembled like on the picture on the left or disassembled like on the picture on the right (upon choice of the buyer)
Price: €

Orb by Sonic Game
This is the extreme version of the orb!! Perfect condition.
Shipped with its original leather box and carton box. The puzzle has already been registered. The key has been removed. I still need to find it. Anyway it does not really matter if you don't participate (and I am sure you won't because it's too time consuming, too difficult and you have very little chance to make any progress haha) in the adventure. So if you're just a puzzle player/collector, you should be fine :)
Price: €€

Toothpick safe by Frank Chambers
Goals: open the box // solve the puzzle that is inside
A rare puzzle that you need to have!!
Price: €€€

Tumblebug by Frank Chambers
See the goal in picture below
Price: €€€

Maze by Mike Snyder
Put the marble in one hole, release it from the other hole. Challenging and collectible!
Price: €

Confusing secret by Ton Delsing
A 29-year old trick bolt, highly collectible (only 5 ever made!!). Goal is to release the washer
Price: €€

2 butter churn puzzles designed and crafted by Marcel Gillen 
Difficult puzzle. Simple but super efficient mechanism. Some differences between these 2. Goal is to extract the shaft.
Price: €€€

Cubbyx and Cubbox designed an crafted by Zdravko Zivkovic
Heavy wooden packing puzzles. The shapes of the pieces are usual. Difficult puzzles.
Price: €€

Sandfield jewel dovetail box
Unusual dovetail puzzle. I don't have the key, but who said it was needed?....or maybe?....
Price: €€

Drumsticks by Allen Rolfs
Not difficult at all and maybe it will be solved during the delivery. I would say it's more a collector item than a real puzzling puzzle :-)
Price: €

Helix by Yamamoto
Later made in metal by Hanayama. Difficult puzzle.
Price: €

Excalibur puzzle designed and made by Gary Foshee
Obviously you need to free the excalibur from its base. Nice and collectible puzzle. You can unscrew the bottom of the puzzle to see the mechanism.
Price: €€

Matchbox made and designed by Frank Chambers
Difficult to solve if you don't have a twisted puzzling mind :-) Open the box
Definitely a puzzle to have!!
Price: €€€

Ball trapped by Marcel Gillen
A very original puzzle designed and made by Marcel Gillen long time ago. Why original? Because made of 3 materials: wood (MDF probably), plastic, metal.
The goal is to free the ball. Of course it's feasible because the ball was firslty put inside!
Price: €€€

Nanab trick bolt made by Frank Chambers 
Price: €

Perry McDaniel puzzle box
Super nicely puzzle.
Price: €€€

Ring box made and designed by Gary Foshee
A rare puzzle with a devilish mechanism (and unusual!). You will love that puzzle!! Open the box and find the ring.
Price: €€€

Rolling pintokyo
Made and designed by Marcel Gillen. Nice to have! Release the core.
Price: €

Spinning top made and designed by Frank Chambers
Very easy puzzle, but highly collectible
Price: €€

Zipper puzzle designed by Iwahiro
2 challenges: close one of the 2 color zippers completely // close all the zippers completely
Price: €

Loop box designed and crafted by Kagen Sound
Nice woods. Superb quality. Clever solution. Definitely a puzzle you have to get!
Price: €€€

Impossible nut
This is an impossible puzzle designed and crafted by Mike Snyder. It's an old puzzle.
The nice thing is that you can play with the nut. The goal is to guess how it has been made!
Price: €

Big sphere by Vinco
Designed and crafted by Vinco, this puzzle is also nice to display
Difficult to assemble
Will be shipped assembled
Price: €

Tea box puzzle
Designed and crafted by Rik Van Grol from an original tea box.
Obviously the puzzle won't be as good quality as compared to wooden puzzlebox made by Stickman or Fuller.
Still a nice puzzle. And it contains real (full!) tea bags. Hence, it's a puzzle that smells well :-))
Price: €

Metal puzzles by Allen Rolfs
Lady bag, traveling salesman, leprauchaum
The quality is not that good, but the puzzles are still playable. Hand-painted it seems.
The difficulty is not too high, but the puzzles are still challenging. The puzzles are shipped with their original box as seen in the below pictures.
Price: each €

Impossible needle
Crafted by Mike Snyder
I advise not to take out the treads from the needle. The goal is to guess how it was made. A nice conversation item.
Price: €

Solitary chess
The famous solitary chess puzzle but with several challenges
Price: €

Hidden weath
Exchanged, designed and crafted by Adolf Ledesma
Nice looking puzzle. The goal is to open the box :-)
Price: €

Designed by Ken Steven. The goal is to free the matches without unscrewing the screws and without any external tools.
Price: €

Block puzzle
Designed by Simon Nightingale, this puzzle is composed of a block of corian that you need to put inside its (heavy) wooden base. You need to put it completely flat!!
A fun puzzle. Difficulty is medium depending is you're experienced or totally new to puzzles.
A puzzle that you need to have!
Price: €€

4M packing
Designed by Iwahiro and crafted by Brian Menold, the goal is to put the 4M shape pieces inside the box so that the lid can close the box flat.
The lid is somewhat not perfectly cut (proof of handmade work!). So there is a difference of "levelling".
However, this does not provide at all to solve the puzzle. It's just purely aesthetic. This is a very good puzzle, don't miss it!!
Price: €

Old tangram puzzle
Seems to be made out of a kind of stone. In it's original box with original booklet. Does not contain the solutions. For the pure collectors!
Price: €

Pillar puzzle by Kunio Saeki
Packing wooden puzzle from long time IPP. In original box. No solution included. Pretty difficult.
Price: €

On the spot insanity
Exchanged puzzle. A well known one!
Price: €

Impossible folding by Allen Rolfs
I will provide you a PDF version (so you pay for a PDF, not a hard copy). Interesting and rare booklet that will teach you the secrets to make impossible foldings!!!
Price: €

Puzzle crafted by Maurice Vigouroux
It seems to be the famous soma cube
Price: €

Brass star by Kostick
Keep it in the tube and then display it! Wonderful!! Please note that it's not a puzzle, but a nice item to display.
Price: €

X matrix maze puzzle
Designed by Jeremy Goode. It's obviously a maze!! Please note that you cannot open the cube.
Price: €

The lotus box
Designed and made by Kagen Sound. Is part of a trilogy of 3 boxes.

No doubt that this puzzles will gain value in the years to come. Stickman and Kagen's puzzles are really an investment when you want to part with them! But you can also keep it in your collection!!
This one will probably be worth around 5000 euros/dollars in 2 years at auction, like usually.
The puzzle is in perfect condition, sold with its original box as the below picture (don't worry, the lid is provided haha!)

Price: €€€

Gal's puzzle
Designed, crafted and exchanged by Peter Gal.
For each challenge you have the solution. From easy to difficult you will have a lot of puzzling fun!
Shipping with its original (signed!!) box
Price: €

Packman by Gary Foshee
Goal is to repack all parts of the cube into the cube. No part may extend beyond the surface of any side of the cube. Provided with the original instruction and original pouch. A nice little and unique sequencial discovery puzzle that you have to own!!
Price: €€€

Gopher holes
Pack all the pieces inside the tray.
Price: €

Clive cube by Simon Nightingale
A clever and difficult design. Challenging to take it apart, very difficult to reassemble. A must-have for wooden puzzle collectors and for people who like to be mind-tortured! ;)
Price: €€

Tube it in by Wil Strijbos
A metal packing puzzle designed and crafted by Wil Strijbos long time ago.
Easy to take it apart, very challenging to reassemble. I advise to take pictures when you take apart the pieces....just saying. You definitely need it to complete your Strijbos collection!!
Price: €€

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