Friday, 23 October 2020

Hip Flask

A pretty new puzzle designer has arrived in the battlefield that is the crafting of metal puzzles.

His name: Felix Ure, a guy from Great Britain. He designs and makes himself all the puzzles, so you're sure it's top high quality and not a cheap product!

Known for having produced the Titan puzzle (and the name reveals also the difficulty of the puzzle haha), he produced this time a hip flask puzzle, the name embodies perfectly the shape of the puzzle. But sorry you cannot put your favourite drink inside :)

From an outside perspective, you can only see one hole on the bottom of the puzzle and a lid that can be turned and pulled/pushed, but still no tools can be found. Of course, did you expect to find tools immediately ?! No way !!

Don't unscrew the screw !

While you play a bit with the puzzle, then you see 2 things that appear as metal rods, but there is no space enough yet to free them (or should they have to be freed?). As long as you make progress, you hear clicking sounds and then it reminded me of a famous puzzle: the revomaze and I was like "I am not super brilliant with revomaze, how the hell will I solve the puzzle ?"...

It has some common points with the revomaze puzzles, but it's definitely way less difficult and way less frustrating. And it's not only a maze, but you will have to figure out by yourself !


I have hard time to make progress because I did not map the maze and I also did not see how I could map it in a proper way, so I was navigating blindly. I still remembered some way that I could go, trying to make small moves for fear of hearing the deadly clicking sound... :)


After I solved the maze, the puzzle was still unsolved, I could not take out completely the lid and I was not sure what to do or even if the lid had to be taken out of the flask.... and then came my "ha-ah" moment and of course I won't tell you.


Solved !!!!!

What I can tell you is that if you want to have a very nicely made puzzle, a challenging one and a new metal puzzle in your collection, then you should buy it.

I put the link of Felix shop if you're interested: HERE


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