Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Some nice wooden puzzles

I recently discovered a French webshop selling wooden puzzles called Jeux Efcé.

They are selling a lot of puzzles, like mazes or packing puzzles made out of medium. I have choosen 2 puzzles to review.

First one is called Porte-Bille which goal is to make the small ball fit inside the 2 wooden parts assembled. It's supposed to be an easy puzzle, but trust me it took me more time than expected. I tried and tried so many times but I could not figure out how to solve it (my friends either).

For me it just looked impossible to solve !!

I still did have an idea about how to solve it but I was not sure if it was the intended way. Luckily it was. It can be solved super quickly once you know the solution. But let your friends play with it, and I am sure you will laugh for a long time.

In my opinion, this is a nice conversation item!

The second puzzle is called Tout ça pour 10 centimes, which translates as "all of that for only 10 cents".

This is sequential movement puzzle and the goal is to move the 10 cents coin to its "hole" in the right corner at the bottom of the tray. 

The nice thing with this puzzle is that the tray indicates where the pieces must be at the starting position. 

As of now, I have not yet managed to solve the puzzle. Let me tell you that this puzzle is considered as their most difficult puzzles, and I can testify it's hard. No matter how I move the pieces (and I tried many different posibilities), I still end up with the same result: puzzle not solved !

I am even wondering if there are rotations to make (I am pretty sure not, but who knows). 

I don't know the number of moves required, but I think it must be a high number. Once I have the infomation, I will update this post.

update: no rotations involved. But a lot of moves !!

The guys who crafted these nice puzzles made many other and I think it's worth checking!


  1. Merci beaucoup pour cette diffusion, notre structure est modeste et passionnée. Tout est fait main à l'aide d'une découpe laser professionnelle.
    Yannick Bernard Darlington

  2. De rien! Personnellement j'adore l'odeur de brûlé que laisse la découpeuse laser :)

    Il faut que je retente de résoudre "Tout ça pour 10 centimes"