Thursday, 24 September 2015

Rectangular Jam

An unusual puzzle design by the well known Iwahiro, which consists of sliding pieces flat to free the green piece.

The movements used are not only linear movements and can include rotations, which makes the puzzle pretty difficult.

Even if you do not need a lot of steps to solve the puzzle, as the pieces are precisely cut, you may think that it's impossible. But when you go slow and do not use any force, you notice that you can make some moves which appeared as impossible at the beginning.

As you understand, you're not allowed to lift some pieces and everything has to remain flat!

There were additional challenges, but if you solve this one and understand the principle, then the other challenges are easy.

I like a lot the design of this puzzle. Which ones from the Jam series do you prefer?

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Cast nutcase

This puzzle belongs to the cast series of Hanayama's puzzles and is ranked as 6/6.
The puzzle is a trick bolt with a nut inside. It is composed of 2 big nuts with the words "nut" and "case" written on each. That's where the name of the puzzle comes from.

The first goal is to open the bolt to take the nut out of it.
Another challenge is to change the name of the puzzle to make it become "case nut" with the word "case" written on the nut above the other nut.

Challenge #2

Again, I don't really understand why it is ranked so high because the puzzle is not difficult to solve...It can take some time but not a lot!

One "big" problem with this puzzle is that you should roll along the nut on the thread quite carefuly because sometimes it jams a bit. This mainly happens when you're rolling the nuts and at the same time pulling the puzzle from each side to open the bolt (I am not really spoiling because you notice what you have do to quickly!)
Don't force, take your time, make small moves and everything will be ok :-)

Did you know about challenge #2 or you thought the only challenge was to open the puzzle?

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Green revomaze

Let's talk about (one of) the most difficult kind of puzzles currently in the market: it's in metal, pretty heavy (take care!), seems to be a quality puzzle (made in UK) and seems to be not dangerous...

Well, that was what you think before :-)
But now after you've taken it into your hands and play with it you notice that it's painful for your fingers and that you're lost in some kind of devilish maze. And what a maze!!

The green one is ranked to be the second easiest revomazes in the series but one of the most difficult to repeat. Anyway, all are difficult to

Always a nice box that protects well the puzzle!

Revomazes are punishing puzzles: you go a bit too far from some milimeters and you will fall in the trap that oblige you to start again (shouldn't it be good also to not start from the beginning but from the middle of the maze for example, maybe something to implement?) !!

So as you know you will have to navigate through the darkness and to avoid traps of any kinds.

About avoiding traps, mapping is always useful, but not that so easy. Perhaps some mapping courses can be useful (videos in the website of the firms)?

Anyway let's talk about the inside, that's what you're interested in, right? :-)

In my opinion there are 3 parts in this green revo:
1/ The first part is easy. You may fall in the traps, but not a lot. And you do not need any mapping to succeed this part.

2/ The second part is a sneaky maze. This is in this part where your fingers will be a bit painful because you need an absolute precision. You need to maintain the revo with both hands without shaking...Very difficult !

3/ For the third part, there are 2 ways. One will lead you to a trap after a peaceful straight forward path. It happened to me. Believing I solved the puzzle, I try to release the pin...unsuccessfullly;-(
The other way will lead you to a maze. Mapping helps a lot. But if you do not make too big moves, you should be successful.

What a joy when you finally solve it!!!!!

And to thank you for your efforts, you get a certificate proving you're a brave puzzler!

I will not assemble it again, so I will keep it like this. I fear too much not being able to open it again.

The puzzle is still on the website, as well with some others. Soon another revo should be released.

If you're a beginner, I really advise you to begin with the blue revomaze. I was a beginner and I began with the green. I have managed to solve it long time after getting it... ;-)

To conclude: a nice puzzle, a very challenging one and something that's worth the money because you will puzzle for hours!

Thursday, 3 September 2015

(Im)possible cards

I like impossible objects, like these cards. The funny thing is we call them "impossible" but the thing is they have been made, so it was possible to make them. And probably the impossible thing is to make them back to their initial state (even if I don't think you would try that!) without damaging them.

I love curves. The result is impressive! Don't you think so?

So it would be better to call them "impossible looking items": it seems impossible that they have been made because either you cannot fill in some shapes in a bottle or, like with these cards, it seems that it's not really possible to obtain these cuts without glue.

Symmetrical and precise: so nice !!!

So I tell you right now: no glue, no scotch tape have been used by the designer! And it's wonderfully made! It's crazy: how can he make such natural curves and such natural shapes??? "The habit" he told me :-)
But even with a pair of scissors I have difficulties to cut a round in a thin sheet of paper...cutting cards is much more complicated.

The designer does not only make these beautiful impossible card but also impossible bottles and impossible folded bills. He makes a very very good job!!

Ralf has also a website where you can contact him if you would like to purchase some impossible cards or bottles.
Do not hesitate to drop him an email, he is a nice guy!

Do you prefer impossible cards or impossible bottles? Or perhaps both at the same time: an impossible card in an impossible bottle :-)

No, I will not try to unfold them :-)

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