Tuesday, 9 October 2018

A new service for you!

I will offer a new service for puzzle collectors who are willing to sell some puzzles (or their entire collection)!!

If you want to sell some puzzles:
1. Either they can interest me and we can have deals
2. Either they don't interest me and then I auction them

How to do:
1. You provide me several pictures, don't try to hide the flaws, people will notice them!
2. You provide the description, any comment regarding the mechanism/damage, etc.
3. You tell me your minimum price you want to get
4. I won't sell puzzles that are already on the post and if 2 buyers want to sell the same puzzle I will only only put one (the best quality one, if both are on the same level then I will put the one from the seller who contacts me 1st)

If you know how to ship puzzle, how to fill in custom forms:
1. You don't send me the puzzles
2. A buyer pays me
3. I pay you
4. You ship the puzzle to the buyer

If you don't have time or if you don't know how to ship parcels:
1. You send me the puzzles at your own cost
2. A buyer pays me
3. I pay you
4. I ship the puzzle to the buyer (the shipping cost to be paid by the buyer)

How it works:
1. After the puzzles at put in my blog with description and so on, the buyers can send bids.
2. The best bidder will be able to buy the puzzle.
3. After one bid, the puzzles will remain 2 weeks in my blog.
4. If the bids are enough high for me, then the puzzle is sold (it can consist of only one offer!)
5. The minimum price the buyer wants to get is kept secret

1. The payment is with paypal only
2. If I need to pay custom any fees, they will be deduced from the money I send to the seller
3. I take fees on the final price (shipping not taken into account, of course)
4. As soon as I receive the money I pay you (final price of the puzzle -% fees I take - any fees that I may have paid)

The advantages compared to auction:
1. It is not once of twice in the year, always opened!
2. You receive very fast the money
3. If you know how to fill in custom forms you save one shipping (and so less risk of damage for the puzzles). If you don't know, I know perfectly. So great quality service!!
4. I should shipped faster because I don't expect to ship 100 puzzles in a short amount of time
5. I can reply to any of your questions/concerns very fast and can advise you