Friday, 30 October 2020

Spread the love with a cast puzzle !! can also spread love without puzzles :-)

As you may (or not) have understood from the title, this post will be about a Hanayama cast puzzle, a new one called Cast Love.

It's been designed by Scott Elliott, famous for several cast puzzles using nice sequences of moves.

This cast puzzle is a level 1, which is super easy on the Hanayama's difficulty scale. But don't get fooled by the rating: this is a more challenging puzzle than you may expect.

I now tend to be careful before judging a difficulty and I don't usually trust Hanayama's rating and I was sure that it would take me more than few seconds to solve it. Actually it took me way more than expected (not days however, and luckily for me !).

The quality is nice, the display as well: I really like that the 2 halves of the heart are disassembled. Personally, selling the puzzle assembled would ruin the puzzling fun !!

From the image of the packaging of the puzzle, you know how the puzzle should look like when it's solved. But that does not help much...

I am sure you will fiddle a bit trying again and again to solve the puzzle when suddently with a move you did not want to make intentionnaly you will finally solve the puzzle...unintentionnaly :)

The solving is very pleasant and normally you should remember quite well to solve the puzzle again and again (for the fun: with cast loop, I could not solve the puzzle immediately after solving it several times....I am bad I know lol)

I highly recommend the puzzle if you're a metal puzzle collector and if you like the cast puzzle series. It's a nice puzzle, great quality and a nice little challenge as well.

Maybe one of my favourite level 1 cast puzzles ! Honestly (yes, yes!) :)

Hurry up to buy it :)


Solution here!


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