Thursday, 8 June 2017

Slide packing

This puzzle was awarded a prize at IPP competition in last summer (2016) and it seems many people like it.
At a first glance you can wonder why it received a prize as it looks a pretty "basic puzzle". Well, it's not!

Ok, so nice presentation (like usually with Japanese products) and easy-to-understand goal: just put the wooden pieces in the box and close it.

You're provided with 3 identical pieces and a weird one. Putting the identical pieces in the box and closing it is super easy. Putting all the pieces is far from being easy. Yes, this is a packing puzzle, but in my humble opinion, one of the most original packing puzzles out there. It's not only about putting pieces in a box, it has something more, which gives this puzzle all its originality and that may be the reason why it was also awarded!

About the crafting: this is super well crafted, the box is wonderful, no friction between pieces. A very very good job! And the wood is very nice too.

What about the solving process? This is very pleasant and force you to think. With packing puzzle, honestly you just put pieces here and there. You cannot really think. Here you can. While it will not take you hours and hours to solve it, I think the difficulty is nice: not too low, not too hard, so that you will not be reluctuant to solve it many times. Did I tell you that closing the box is also very pleasant: smooth? Now you know :-)
I swear that all the 4 pieces are inside the box. Puzzle solved!!

To conclude, definitely a nice puzzle you really should own. And the Japanese post is the best in the world! I received my package in less than one week! Just amazing!!!