Monday, 29 November 2021

Black Friday is not over for some puzzles!!!

I wanted to share with you a super interesting news!!!

Load image into Gallery viewer, Jigsaw Broken Heart

As you know I am a very fan of the Bozo's puzzles. He designed and made the famous and super challenging Ugly4 and 8cat puzzles.

I reviewed them on previous blog posts, so check them out if you want a real and neutral feeling. I need to mention that because when I need to critizise a puzzle, I do it. So you can rely on my blog post rather on other blogs where the reviews are (surprisingly) always positive...

Bozo released a new puzzle called Broken Heart. I cannot say anything for the moment about it, but I am sure it has a twist and is surely a challenging puzzle!

Ok now what about the great news??

1/ You can use the code: H2JMBDSVD2Z4  and you will get a 30 USD reduction price for at least 3 puzzles bought in one go. It may be 3 different puzzles or 3 identical.

Note that this reduction is only valid until Sunday 5th December ! So don't wait too much :)

2/ There is still a 10% reduction code always valid for any puzzle that you buy: RPW7ZMDYF6XZ

It works for 1 or more puzzles.

So now, hurry up and prepare the puzzles to put under the coming X-Mas tree :)

Sunday, 21 November 2021

My first 3D-printed burr puzzle

I have already tried metal burr puzzle like one of the Strijbos', but never before a 3D-printed burr. 

Now this is done and I will express my feeling in this post.

This burr puzzle is called Moai's Tomb (MT for the rest of the review), designed and made by Andrew Crowell, famous for all his several 3D puzzle and interlocking ones as well.

The goal of MT is to free the head, literally, of the puzzle. Do do so you need to push/pull and 4 buttons and the head as well. Note that only the head-piece can be taken out of the box.

14 moves are enough to solve the puzzle, but I assume I made way more. However I did not apply any specific logic (is there any to solve burr puzzles?) and at some point I solved the puzzle. Honestly it's not a super difficult puzzle, so for a non-burr solver this is the perfect puzzle to start with.

I did not only manage to solve it, but also to reassemble it. Congrats for myself :)

Seriously I feel a bit proud, as burr puzzles are known to be super difficult. But don't get me wrong this is still a challenging puzzle, it's not that straight-forward.

Now, how is it great or not to solve it due to its material? Honestly, it's very great! The moves are smooth, it's very pleasant.


So now, what about starting to like burr puzzle? Want a try? Check Puzzle Master website to buy it !

Saturday, 6 November 2021

Cube 1 puzzle

Here is a new puzzle from Efcé Jeux, a French puzzle business from which I lave already reviewed some time ago their puzzles.

This time this is a cube puzzle and the goal is to free the small squared shape that is located in the middle of the puzzle.


For this task you need to use the wooden "key" to push/pull some small sliders that surround each side of the puzzle

Basically Cube 1 puzzle can be considered as a dynamical maze as you want to create a path to achieve your goal, so you need to open and close some paths several time.

What is funny is that when you push some parts of the puzzle you don't know in advance where it will have the consequence. I mean: if you push on a part on one side, then it won't necessarily be pulled out from the exact opposite side, you get it? :)


After some time of puzzling I finally managed to solve the puzzle. I would say that the puzzle is challenging in my mind. So I would not totally agree with the difficulty that is supposed to be medium. 

But again, the difficulty is somewhat different from some people to others.


I had some fun to see all the small parts being pushed and pulled during the solving process. 

But take care of where you put your fingers, as you don't want to go back during the solving process if you push some parts without doing it on purpose :)

Anyway, this is a nice little puzzle and as usual with Efce Jeux a nicely made one!

You can grab one on their website!

Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Slideways cube

I've played with several 3D-printed puzzles so far, and what I can say is that some are of better quality than others. Of course, and you're expecting me to announce it: the puzzles that I will review belongs to the top quality 3D printed puzzles!

Slideways Cube consists of only 3 (weird) pieces that slide together to form a cube, in a co-motion sequence (it's very pleasant to slide again and again the pieces!). 

This puzzle was designed by the genius Lee Krasnow.

Very easy to disassemble, way trickier to reassemble. Not overly difficult though.

With these kind of puzzles, I am always amazed how easy they are to disassemble. But more difficult to put back in their initial state. The main reason is that we don't pay enough attention (and me, being the first) to how they disassemble. And we need exact positionning to put the pieces together.

Usually it's very unstable at the beginning, and if you have strong nerves, you should do it. For this one, the structure is not so unstable, and as it has only 3 pieces then it's very manageable, don't worry :)

I do recommand this puzzle for anyone, maybe a bit more for the less seasoned puzzlers. But of course for the big fan of 3D printed puzzles there is no question to ask :)

You can find the puzzle on Puzzle Master Webshop