Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Slideways cube

I've played with several 3D-printed puzzles so far, and what I can say is that some are of better quality than others. Of course, and you're expecting me to announce it: the puzzles that I will review belongs to the top quality 3D printed puzzles!

Slideways Cube consists of only 3 (weird) pieces that slide together to form a cube, in a co-motion sequence (it's very pleasant to slide again and again the pieces!). 

This puzzle was designed by the genius Lee Krasnow.

Very easy to disassemble, way trickier to reassemble. Not overly difficult though.

With these kind of puzzles, I am always amazed how easy they are to disassemble. But more difficult to put back in their initial state. The main reason is that we don't pay enough attention (and me, being the first) to how they disassemble. And we need exact positionning to put the pieces together.

Usually it's very unstable at the beginning, and if you have strong nerves, you should do it. For this one, the structure is not so unstable, and as it has only 3 pieces then it's very manageable, don't worry :)

I do recommand this puzzle for anyone, maybe a bit more for the less seasoned puzzlers. But of course for the big fan of 3D printed puzzles there is no question to ask :)

You can find the puzzle on Puzzle Master Webshop

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