Thursday, 29 July 2021

Screw burr puzzle

I must admit I am not a fan of burr puzzle, but some puzzles that are called "burr" are not really burr, and this puzzle is the perfect example of a non-burr puzzle :)

Let me introduce you the screw burr puzzle designed by the famous Oskar van Deventer !!!!!

The puzzle is composed of 6 sticks to disassemble (easy) and reassemble (less easy) made out of 3D printers. Trust me: the quality is very good and does not look fragile at all. The colors are also bright, so they won't fade soon!

There is something special with this puzzle: the shape of the pieces. Unlike many puzzles of this kind, this one cannot fall apart because you need to unscrew the first piece to disassemble the others pieces (and some other need to be unscrewed and not just simply pushed/pulled).

So you won't disassemble it if you don't want to disassemble it :-)

I find very enjoyable the solved process with unscrewing pieces, it's something unusual and relaxing in a way. Reassembling the puzzle is not something super complicated if you remember which pieces go where. So for a bigger challenge, disassemble it and come back a bit later to reassemble the puzzle.

In my opinion, this is a very nice puzzle to display and for sure it will attract the attention of your visitors!! 

For the solution you can see the video here. Ok it does not show step-by-step, but just pause the video and try to follow :)