Thursday, 17 September 2020

A new devilish packing puzzle

You all know the famous packing puzzles by Yuu Asaka and why there are famous?

You all love them like me, right?

Then let me quickly introduce you with another packing puzzle made by Bozo (ok shortname of the designer but he seems that he liked to be called like that haha)

So far I have not solved the puzzle but I wanted to share a good news with you:

The puzzle can be bought here:

Use a code to get 10% discount !!!   : RPW7ZMDYF6XZ

Quick words about the puzzle:

-> very well made, with precise cut

-> I like the plexi used: it does not show your fingerprints on the pieces !

-> super difficult!!!

-> definitely a puzzle to buy !

You will see why the puzzle is special when you have 4 pieces left....I want to see your face at that point....You would not have wanted to see mine...



I need to think more! :)