Friday, 27 December 2019

More packing puzzles!!

From the recent puzzle release of Pelikan, there were many packing puzzles designed by Osanori Yamamoto. I noticed that over the recent past release each time there were several Osanori puzzles. And I do feel this is great! First because not a lot of craftmen make these puzzles and also because these designs are so good!

So far I have solved 2 (ribbon and tulip 1) but I will talk about ribbon in this post. In my opinion, ribbon is the easiest (easiest, not easy haha). Tulip 1 was pretty hard and eggplant is still unsolved even if I have the shape (hopefully I am right) outside of the cage (which is a puzzle in itself!).

So ribbon is a packing puzzle composed of a cage (with a weird shape!) and 3 pieces. As for most Osanori, there are only 3 pieces, but the challenge is still there, trust me!

Two out of the 3 pieces are bigger and thus have bigger constraints to be filled inside the box. So it's easy to guess how they should be put inside the cage. Knowing that then you need to see how these 2 big pieces can be put and there are not a lot of ways to do so. You can deduce how to put the remaining piece.

It did not take me long to figure out the assembly outside the box. Putting them inside was way more difficult. Still it did not take me super long, let's say less than one hour for sure.

The shape of the cage makes it more difficult to "predict" the assembly/disassembly, because you can think that such or such piece can be slided in such a way, but then after careful observation you realize that it's not possible. And indeed it's pretty unusual I would say. Very different from many of his "cube-caged" packing puzzle.

I finally ended up with putting all the pieces inside. But I have surprised myself with some moves I did not predict. You know it's when you put the pieces inside that some moves appear possible while you did not think so few minutes ago! :)

I do advise this puzzle as well as the other packing puzzles currently on Pelikan webshop.
Grab them while you can, you won't be disappointed !

The quality is nice, the wood well choosen, the fit perfect (and it has to be, you know how I do care about the fit!) and of course the design is very clever!
I guess none of these are a real surprise.... :)

EDIT: eggplant solved now. So all 3 packing puzzles solved!! :) (egg plant is fun!)

Friday, 20 December 2019

Impossible metal puzzle

Long time I have not spoken about impossible puzzles. Well they are not that common....!

But see below a nice one that I discovered recently made by Ivan Kochkin

It's composed of several dodecahedrons "trapped" in one another, all in metal and assumely made in only one block of metal.

Usually impossible puzzle/items are made with a trick like an invisible cut or using heat/water to soften the material for example. But in this case (despite not knowing precisely how it was made), no tricks are involved, just a lot of skills!!!

Honestly how is that possible to craft with such precision so many geometrical shapes??....Very intriguing and very pleasant to play with it.

Definitely a work of art and a nice addition to a puzzle collection :)

You can find them: ebay
Ivan has also a youtube channel

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Do-it-yourself puzzle: the minipunk by NKD

I alreay posted a review about the mecanigma puzzle made by NKD, this time let me talk about their puzzles that you have to craft by yourself. Yes they either sell already crafted puzzles (and some in luxury versions) but of course they cost more, and some puzzles that you have to craft. Don't worry they provide everything you need: glue, sandpaper, the pieces, assembly notice, etc.

All you need to do it a cutter blade to take out the pieces and some patience :)

This puzzle is called minipunk and is basically a piggy bank. Building it is very pleasant with all the parts and gears (I love gears!) and is suitable even for children. Solving it is not very difficult and take 5 moves. But there is a lovely sequence of moves that I am sure you will like!

You can fill in some coins from the top of the box and then let your friend manage to get them :)

Some may wonder: am I spoiled the solution when crafting the puzzle? I would say: yes and no!
Well obviously you will see all the parts of the puzzle and you may get an idea how they interact with one another. But first the sequence of moves is not correlated to how you craft the puzzle. I mean you will assemble pieces first that are not for the first move for example. And then also when you're focussed on crafting a puzzle, you're not focussed on how to solve it. So the challenge will still be there. And you know, crating the puzzle is already in a way a puzzle in itself. Solving it is just the next logical puzzle :)

For the price, I am sure you will have fun to build it and solve it. NKD has other do-it-yourself puzles to craft but I would recommend starting with this one as it is the easiest to built.

You can find the kit HERE