Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Some enigmas for your X-mas holidays

Hey you, puzzle solver! Those enigmas are for you if you accept the challenge to solve them.
Some of them require obstinacy... So let's begin!

Enigma #1
Let's begin by the most difficult enigma this time and be sure, it is a very very difficult one !
You have to find the numerical values which correspond to the symbols, so that the addition becomes correct.

Enigma #2
Go from "START" the the "END" without going diagonally or going twice through the same "box". The total of your path has to be 54.

Enigma #3
In grid A you can see 4 circles. They are neither in the same row, nor in the same column. 
But 2 of them are in diagonal (look at the arrow).
Put those 4 circles in grid B, so that they are neither in the same colum, nor in the same row, nor in diagonal.

I needed to make the picture very big, otherwise it's difficult to see anything...Sorry about that.

Enigma #4
Draw a circle with a point in the center like in the picture below.
You are neither allowed to use a rubber nor to lift your pencil from the paper!!
This is a tricky enigma, and so you need to "think out of the box" (fashion expression these days that many bloggers or people use...too often?...^^)

Good luck! Enjoy!!

Merry X-mas for you guys, hope you will spend good times with your friends and family and also that Father X-mas will put many puzzles under the X-mas tree. I am sure you deserve them :-)

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Prepare for war: BQTTLE is coming soon !!

War for your nerves because this puzzle will challenge a lot your dexterity !!

This puzzle called BQTTLE was made by Sandor Bozoki (he also makes some impossible bottles with matches inside) and presented during last IPP in London (2014). It is composed of a metal chain, a rubber O-ring and a small glass bottle. 
The good thing with this puzzle is that you cannot damage the bottle with what is inside!

The goal is to free the O-ring. It is not difficult to understand how to do that but really much more difficult to do it. Indeed, it requires a lot of dexterity to solve it, and even using dexterity, this is not an easy task...Reassembling the puzzle is more difficult than solving it. So if you have some difficulties to solve it, good luck then :-)
The puzzle comes with the solution and a tool to take the O-ring out of the bottle in case the chain is too much knoted (you can unscrew the cap of the bottle), which is a good idea.
I was wondering why putting a metal chain that may create knots, but I think it's because it's better than rope for the gravity.

To conclude: a cheap puzzle that you should buy if you like bottle puzzles, but much more important if you like dexterity puzzles! Otherwise, perhaps not the puzzle you should have...

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Tempted to find the lotus?

This puzzle in an anodized blue aluminium and is made by the famous Wil Strijbos.
The name is well chosen (there is a hint in the name for you to know if you have fully solved, think about that...), the color is beautiful, the precision is very good, the shape is very original. I like it !!

You can see a dovetail joint on the bottom of the puzzle (but the two halves of the puzzle cannot move) and a small hole on the top of the puzzle (but you cannot distinguish almost anything from the inside because it is very dark). Nothing seems to move but things can be heard from the inside...but you cannot get any clue from this noice. 
That does not help you to know what is inside, nor how to solve the puzzle.

The first goal is to take the metal disk out. It seems impossible, but I assure you it is possible...However, not so obvious at a first sight. No force is needed of course, and no external tools are needed.
Once you have removed the washer, then you need to keep on searching and using your tools to go further in the solving process, and try to understand where the name of the puzzle comes from.

Washer removed, but the puzzle is not completely solved :-)

The puzzle does not require a lot of steps to solve, but is fun anyway.

Many people have some issues with this puzzle because you can lose things inside, it is pretty difficult to tell more about that without spoiling...But even if this is the case, you can still do things to find your tool.

I cannot put a picture with the puzzle being completely solved because it will spoil a lot and it is better if you understand by yourself the name of the puzzle :-)
If you need any help or need pictures, drop me an email. I will be happy to answer your questions.

Please take care of the following:
-> Don't pull out the black pin (and this does not help to solve the puzzle) unless you want to open completely the puzzle (which is, again, not useful to solve the puzzle completely...) or if you've lost things inside the puzzle.
-> You should wear some glasses when trying to solve the puzzle...Things can shout out violently like a bullet. It would be a pitty to become blind because of a puzzle...

To conclude: this is a very beautiful puzzle with an original shape, several steps to completely solve it (even if I would have appreciated more steps) and a good level of difficulty. The price is affordable and thus, in my opinion, is worth the money.
The only black point of this puzzle is that you may manage to solve it by chance because the puzzle does not give any clue about how it works.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Topological puzzles: do it yourself

As you may already know I like a lot topological puzzles, like those from Dimiter Vakarelov (I talked about them in an older post here).

I saw in a book that I have had since quite long time 2 puzzles that seem to be topological.
You can try them at home, no need for expensive things.
They seem impossible, especially the second one...but of course they are solvable :-)

Hope you will have fun. So here we go:

Topological puzzle 1

What you need: a pair of scissors and a rope.

How to do: put the rope through the pair of scissors like in the pictures below:

Then you can either ask a friend to hold the 2 movable ends of the rope (right of the picture) or you can put your feet on it. The purpose is that the end of the rope becomes unusable. Indeed if nobody holds the end of the rope or if there are some marbles at the end, the puzzle becomes easier.

The goal: free the pair of scissors without cutting the rope or your friend because your friend will be useful for the second puzzle below :-)

This is quite challenging, and reassembling it is more difficult...
Even if you know the solution, if you don't pay attention you may create knots.

Topological puzzle 2

What you need: two ropes and a friend

How to do: just follow the picture below, it is easy to understand:

The goal: you have to be freeded without cutting the rope (or your friend). You are not allowed to untie the knots, of course!

Let me know if you have tried those topological puzzles and share your feeling about them.
You see, puzzles can be quite easy to make, but that does not mean they are easy to solve.
My friends are astonished when I solve them, and when they try to solve them....they fail ;-)
Enjoy !!!