Sunday, 7 December 2014

Tempted to find the lotus?

This puzzle in an anodized blue aluminium and is made by the famous Wil Strijbos.
The name is well chosen (there is a hint in the name for you to know if you have fully solved, think about that...), the color is beautiful, the precision is very good, the shape is very original. I like it !!

You can see a dovetail joint on the bottom of the puzzle (but the two halves of the puzzle cannot move) and a small hole on the top of the puzzle (but you cannot distinguish almost anything from the inside because it is very dark). Nothing seems to move but things can be heard from the inside...but you cannot get any clue from this noice. 
That does not help you to know what is inside, nor how to solve the puzzle.

The first goal is to take the metal disk out. It seems impossible, but I assure you it is possible...However, not so obvious at a first sight. No force is needed of course, and no external tools are needed.
Once you have removed the washer, then you need to keep on searching and using your tools to go further in the solving process, and try to understand where the name of the puzzle comes from.

Washer removed, but the puzzle is not completely solved :-)

The puzzle does not require a lot of steps to solve, but is fun anyway.

Many people have some issues with this puzzle because you can lose things inside, it is pretty difficult to tell more about that without spoiling...But even if this is the case, you can still do things to find your tool.

I cannot put a picture with the puzzle being completely solved because it will spoil a lot and it is better if you understand by yourself the name of the puzzle :-)
If you need any help or need pictures, drop me an email. I will be happy to answer your questions.

Please take care of the following:
-> Don't pull out the black pin (and this does not help to solve the puzzle) unless you want to open completely the puzzle (which is, again, not useful to solve the puzzle completely...) or if you've lost things inside the puzzle.
-> You should wear some glasses when trying to solve the puzzle...Things can shout out violently like a bullet. It would be a pitty to become blind because of a puzzle...

To conclude: this is a very beautiful puzzle with an original shape, several steps to completely solve it (even if I would have appreciated more steps) and a good level of difficulty. The price is affordable and thus, in my opinion, is worth the money.
The only black point of this puzzle is that you may manage to solve it by chance because the puzzle does not give any clue about how it works.


  1. Nice revive of a very good puzzle, which I like a lot! Learned something new here: the part with the glasses and pieces jumping out, never had that, but it might be possible in extremely rare cases. When you have solved the puzzle, pulling the black pin and disassembling shows you the nice tricks in there! :)

    1. Thank you Goetz.
      Well as for the pieces jumping out, it happened to me and I think it happened to other people. if you want I can tell you how to make the pieces jumping out :-) even if it may be dangerous...
      I lost things inside the puzzle and them I pulled the black pin and saw the core of the puzzle, and I agree with you, it is tricky. But if you are familiar with Wil Strijbos' puzzles you notice that you can find things that he used in other puzzles....

    2. I must try removing the black pin to see what happens and the insides....

    3. Yes you should try. Take pliers so that you will save pain with your fingers :-)
      Take care because things can fly out of the puzzle...