Sunday, 29 October 2017

Yosegi pattern puzzle box

Not an original name at all, but very representative of the puzzle, and what a puzzle!
Here is the new creation by Jesse Born, a yound US puzzle designer and maker. Always great to see new artists "poping up" in the puzzle market :)

So what's special with this puzzle? Well, if you notice carefully, the finish is very good and is varnished, which is pretty unusual for puzzles. So it gives a nice glossy finish to the puzzle. The puzzle itseft has a good size. And you can clearly that the name of the puzzle box comes from the yosegi on the top of the box.
I saw several videos of making yosegi and I tell you: it takes a lot of time and precision to do that!

The solving process has some new kind of ideas, which changes from the usual banging and spinning of usual puzzle boxes. All the steps have a special things and they are far from being easy to find. They are well hidden and require some thinking.

Once you solved completely the puzzle you will be able to see the mechanism and I am sure you will like it!
Reassembling the puzzle is just following the same steps but in reverse order, should not be difficult.

Always a puzzle to take a picture in the solved state without spoiling!! :)

I think Jesse has enough skills to be compared to all puzzle box masters in this world, and if he still improves his skills and level up each time his puzzle projects I am sure he will be the best.
I really like this puzzle: good quality, great solving process. Did I mention that Jesse is a nice guy to chat with? It has to be mentioned because.... (I am sure you know why!)

He has a facebook in case you're interested! (I am sure you are!!!)