Friday, 10 December 2021

Puzzle Master Kickstarter campaign

The famous puzzle webshop, Puzzle Master, has recently launched a campaign on kickstarter to release some metal puzzles.

Unfortunately I don't have them, so I cannot give my opinion, but at least they seem top-quality puzzles! 


And this is what really matter for puzzle collectors, right ? :)

Two puzzles are from Oskar's design and the skull is from Jerry Loo's design, a fellow blogger.

It seems that the difficulty of these puzzles is super high, so be prepared to be challenged.

The campaign is fully funded, so don't be afraid of supporting it, you will get the puzzles!

The link is here: HERE

....simple (^_^)

Friday, 3 December 2021

Less than 2 days left to benefit from a huge reduction in prices for Bozo's puzzles!!!

I put again below the post I wrote


I wanted to share with you a super interesting news!!!

Load image into Gallery viewer, Jigsaw Broken Heart

As you know I am a very fan of the Bozo's puzzles. He designed and made the famous and super challenging Ugly4 and 8cat puzzles.

I reviewed them on previous blog posts, so check them out if you want a real and neutral feeling. I need to mention that because when I need to critizise a puzzle, I do it. So you can rely on my blog post rather on other blogs where the reviews are (surprisingly) always positive...

Bozo released a new puzzle called Broken Heart. I cannot say anything for the moment about it, but I am sure it has a twist and is surely a challenging puzzle!

Ok now what about the great news??

1/ You can use the code: H2JMBDSVD2Z4  and you will get a 30 USD reduction price for at least 3 puzzles bought in one go. It may be 3 different puzzles or 3 identical.

Note that this reduction is only valid until Sunday 5th December ! So don't wait too much :)

2/ There is still a 10% reduction code always valid for any puzzle that you buy: RPW7ZMDYF6XZ

It works for 1 or more puzzles.

So now, hurry up and prepare the puzzles to put under the coming X-Mas tree :)