Sunday, 17 September 2017

S paid in full

It's very great to see more and more 3D printed puzzles out there, and this one is very nice and so cleverly though that it deserves a review.

It was designed, created and exchange by Scott Elliott during IPP 37 in Paris.

I know that cast diamond by Hanayama is the result of a previously made puzzles by Scott, and I really would like to see this puzzle made in metal by Hanayama as well.

Ok so S paid in full is a cast puzzles with only 2 pieces that need to be assemble. The puzzle comes disassembled.

It looks easy, right? Honestly this is not an overly difficult puzzle indeed but....I am sure it will puzzle you for some time.
And the funny part is that each time I managed to assemble the 2 parts and then disassembled them to do again it took me some time and I never managed to solve super quickly. So I feel that this puzzle is very fun to solve again and again. It's du to the fact that you must perfectly match the 2 parts and make the perfectly right move.

To conclude: a really nice and interesting puzzle!!