Tuesday, 9 May 2023

Locked Cabin

I assume it can be considered as a puzzle box, right? Even if it does not have the usual puzzle box shape.

In fact, Locked Cabin looks a tiny house with window and even a chimney. For a laser-cut puzzle I can only say that it's nicely crafted with fine details.

To achieve your goal you will have to manipule certain pieces in certain order in certain ways. It's always hard to speak about a puzzle without spoiling (too much)...!

The puzzle solution is not that difficult to perform, so I would not advise for a seasoned puzzler, but more for a beginner or a puzzlebox collector. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice puzzle and will take you for sure some time (not long, though).

Nice surprise: the cavity is big enough to hide a small puzzle inside !

You can buy it at your usual webshop, you know it !



Monday, 27 March 2023

What about some cast puzzles by Hanayama?

 Quick reviews for nice Hanayama cast puzzles !!


Cast Coil

Only 2 pieces to remove, but never underestimate seemingly easy cast puzzle. You will have to "perform" many moves and pieces will be like dancing around each other. A very clever puzzle designed by Edi Nagata.

Did I tell you that I usually like when the puzzles is composed of different colors, it looks more stunning!



Cast Keyhole

This puzzle has been designed Vesa Timonen and it's like a maze pattern that you have to solve to separate the pieces. I don't know if it's Vesa or Oskar the guy with more Hanayama puzzle, but definitely Vesa designed a lot of them and I am sure he will still have more clever ideas for future cast puzzles :)




Cast Hexagon

It's a puzzle designed by Mineyuki Uyematsu consisting of 3 pieces to free. The shape of the "tray" and of the pieces makes this puzzle unique in my mind. Ithave tricky moves and challenging to solve. Precision is a key word for this puzzle in terms of crafting the puzzle and solving it, no force needed. Gentle moves and maybe rotations or dancing moves? You will have to figure out, but I am sure you will have fun with it. Definitely a must-have in your collection!


You can buy them on Puzzle Master webshop, but you definitely should go for bundles if you intend to buy a lot in one shot!

Monday, 20 March 2023

Some recent Yuu Asaka's

Yes I know I reviewed before some packing puzzles in the same spirit as the Yuu Asaka's tricky packing puzzles, but this time I will speak about 2 pretty recent ones Green 13 and Record 6

So as a warm-up: record 6 !

Record 6 is a nice puzzles composed of circles. Personally I like that the tray has not the same shape as the previous puzzles. It's always nice to see some differences in the tray and I like that one. I bet that you understand a bit how you will have to proceed with this puzzle. Despite being the easiest Yuu's and despite it's mostly trials and errors, I enjoyed it a lot.

It does not have to be hard to be enjoyed and that gave me a nice puzzling journey. Each plexi circle has some small holes of protudent pieces that need to fit inside other holes. Basically when I mean "trials and errors", it's because you will try one configuration, flip the piece, and do so again and again for each piece. At you should solve it soon this way. Jigsaw 16 and Bird 11, his other "trial and error" puzzles were harder but less enjoyable from my point of view.

As usually the quality is wonderful and the fit is perfect. This is a puzzle that you can easily share with a friend while avoiding frustration (due to the difficulty).

Green 13 is probably, on the opposite, one (if not the most) of his most difficult puzzles. Luckily for you there is no trickery with the pieces: you need to pack the green pieces inside the tray and the white rounded pices inside the holes formed by the shape of the pieces. I was sure there was something tricky there and the the white pieces must be put in some "unusual" place, but not at all. 

But clearly it maybe make the solve easier, but definitely not easy at all, and will require many hours of thinking.

I enjoyed it but I prefer something a bit less challenging though :)

Now, when will Yuu be making puzzles with triangle shapes??

You can buy Record 6 on Puzzle Master wbeshop, same thing for Green 13 !!

Monday, 13 March 2023

Some cheaper Yuu Asaka

Cheaper does not mean less good. More expensive does not mean better. Don't be fooled by marketing things!

Still let me introduce you some cheaper puzzles made by Hanayama and designed by Yuu Asaka, you know the famous devilish packing puzzle designer !!

Jigsaw 19

This is the same copy as the Yuu Asaka version. Same pieces, same goal, same solution.

Maybe there is a very slight difference: the pieces are somewhat kind of rounded on some edges making the assembly more confusing than the Yuu's puzzles.

Jigwsaw 29


Same comment as Jigsaw 19


Jigsaw 28

Compared to the 2 previous puzzles, this one, as far as I know, has not (yet?) been produced by Yuu and thus making it a unique design by Hanayama.

This is the trickiest of these 3 because of the shape of the pieces. I hope and bet that you have an idea of how the pieces will connect together right....many possibilities!! This puzzle is no joke!

For sure, I advise you to buy it. For the price you will get plenty hours of thinking. No doubt about that.

The quality is perfect and the previous 2, the fit is very precise. Nothing bad to say!

WARNING: these puzzles come assembled. If you don't want to spoil the fun, open them blindfolded or ask someone to open them and scramble the pieces.

Tuesday, 3 January 2023

Bullet burr puzzles

We all know burr puzzles, you know the mind bogging puzzles...!!

What's the common point between burr and soma cube? 

Well, both have existed since long time ago and designers have always tried to make different shapes, keeping the same goal in mind but adding some new challenges.

These bullet puzzles exist in 2 variations: Design 1 and Design 3, both are 3D-printed (with great quality)



Now what about the challenges? Well usually these kind of puzzles are not that easy for several reasons: first you need to make the final shape in your mind. And then you need to assemble the pieces and this requires a bit of dexterity. Especially here when the pieces can slip out of your fingers easily. Rubber bands will help for sure! :)

It took a bit of time to assemble one puzzles and the other one is still unsolved...I will get back to it when I can. I don't like defeat.

Usually with burr puzzle, once the puzzle is completely assemble, the structure is strong enough that it usually does not fall apart. So the challenging parts are at the beginning when all the pieces can easily fall apart !!

For those of you who like challenging puzzles, these are definitely for you!

Also I like a lot the shape, they look stunning and will display well in your puzzle cabinets.

Tuesday, 27 December 2022

Do you fancy some Jean-Claude Constantin puzzles?

A bit long time that I have not reviewed some JCC (Jean-Claude Constantin) puzzles :)

Here I will speak about 2 small boxes: triangle trick box and 20 cent box.

Which attributes do they both share apart from being made by the same designer and being made with wood and a bit of metal? Well, they have several steps (not a lot though), are not that big (especially true for 20 cent box) and.... they are boxes !! Amazing, right? :)

Triangle Trick Box

I first need to mention that I like th shape of the box, it changes from basique cubic boxes! It obvious at a first glace that something must move to open the box. Now how to open it? Well, I am not going to reveal the secrets. But just be curious about all the small little things here and there. What about the screw? Do you have to find a screwdriver? I let figure it out by yourself :)

It did not take me a lof of time to solve, but it was still nice to repeat the process. It should not be a big challenge for puzzlers, but may pose a bit more difficulty for newbies. Hence, I recommend it either if you're totally a beginner in puzzle boxes or for children

20 cent box

Keys bit no keyholes....

Coin but nothing to pay for....

Nothing seems to move....

but of course, things will move!

This is one move that I am not super fan of in the solution process. But I must admit that it's pretty clever though. Not a lot of steps, not overly difficult. A bit more challenging than Triangle Trick Box. You can try to cheat (yes I did), I wish you good luck if you manage to solve the puzzle like that. Normally it should not happen. When I mean "cheat" you will immediately know how you could consider cheating with this puzzle when you have it in your hands :)

This puzzles is suitable for new puzzle collectors and for more seasoned as well. Don't get me wrong, you seasoned one, you won't be challenged for hours with this one though!

Friday, 16 December 2022

Don't listen fake news....

Puzzle world is not an exception for fake news unfortunately...

Please make your own judgment, analysis upon your experience and leads to investigation properly ! Don't take too seriously what other people say. And above all, enjoy your hobby. It's YOUR hobby :)

Someone reported me that someone said that Wil Strijbos made only one puzzle of the below.

Hence how come I have it? :)

By the way, if anyone knows the real name for this puzzle and the goal as well as the solution (without breaking the puzzle!), I am all ears !!

Sunday, 11 December 2022

The sequential discovery canon puzzle

In my opinion, this canon puzzle is a nice introduction to sequential discovery puzzles.

Well, there are some controversial talks about what is a SD (sequential discovery) puzzle. In my opinion, it's when you have several steps to open the puzzle and at least one tool to find and use to solve another step. Maybe there should be an even more difference between SD puzzles in the way that you cannot compare a SD with only one tool and a SD with many tools / secrets / steps.

So I would tend to classify as following: 

SD: puzzle with one tool to use and several steps

SD+: several steps and max 2 tools

SD+++: more than 2 tools and several steps

Now the difficulty would be to evaluate what is a tool and what is not, but that's another story.

So for this one it's a SD according to my classification, especially considering that it even suitable for beginners.

The goal of the puzzle is to find the cannon ball. What's nice with the puzzle is that it has a metal support, to try to look like a real cannon.

A not tool difficult but nonetheless nice puzzle that you should own and show to your guest (if they are not seasoned puzzlers!)

You can buy it on Puzzle Master webshop!

Friday, 25 November 2022

Karakuri Kit

You all know the beautiful Mecanigma and Architecto Kit by NKD puzzles and you all know the nice puzzles by Karakuri Group, right?

Now let me intriduce you the Karakuri Kits. Well these are not new, but almost (if never) never reviewed anywhere, while they really deserve it !

I will focus on the Karakuri Work Kit - Kolorin

The goal of this kit is to build a wooden box with a drawer that can only be opened if you manage to solve the puzzle.


The assembly

The kit is composed of 26 pieces: 23 wooden pieces to assemble and glue with wood glue (not included), 1 transparent plexi plate, 1 metal ball, and a spring. All the elements are of very good quality.

The assembly instructions are entirely in Japanese but the illustrations are clear enough not to need the text. The diagrams in the instructions are precise and the use of color makes it easy to see which parts to use and where to use the glue.

The assembly itself is very satisfying. The wooden pieces seem to be a kind of improved plywood. There are 5 different layers (probably glued at very high pressure to get a good final quality), 3 inner layers for strength (a kind of medium glued in opposite directions) and 2 outer layers of veneer for visual appearance.

The pieces are cut (no laser cut so no blackened side) with extreme precision. Everything fits together perfectly. Nothing protrudes. It is impressive !!

 The assembly is relatively fast, 30 minutes should be enough. Once finished, the box is solid and inspires confidence. There is no fear of breaking it or damaging the mechanism.

The fact that you assemble the mechanism yourself allows you to understand both how it works and the technical details so that it can be assembled easily. It is ingenious.


The puzzling aspect 

Here you have to use a ball to operate a mechanism visible through a plexi plate. When manipulating it, the sound of the ball against the wooden plates is very pleasant.
I find the box pretty and intriguing because the mechanism is visible from the outside. We can see immediately that we are dealing with a secret box! And one is irresistibly tempted to manipulate it to try it. Although the resolution is not surprising, it remains very satisfactory. This is due to the quality of the material (everything slides smoothly), to the sound of the ball hitting the wood, to the simplicity of the mechanism that makes you want to understand it right away, etc.

I left it at home on the table and all my friends wanted to try it, and even when they had found the way to open it, they wanted to do it again, and again.

The puzzle is extremely simple. It's more of a marble game than a puzzle. It might disappoint, but I don't think this kit is intended to be too complex. The interest, for me, is to build and perceive the difficulties and ingenuity necessary to create a puzzle. The goal is also to have an object that you made yourself and that has a particular value to the one who made it. It is also possible to personalize it (paint it, stick pictures, stick small objects in the mechanism area, make it more or less complex by adding obstacles, etc ...).

 Who is it for?

For those who like to understand the mechanisms of a puzzle. For those who like to build lego and furniture kits. For those who want to have or offer an original and personalized object. The box can also be the box that contains the 'real' gift in its drawer.

This kit could also be very well suited to a parent-child activity (perhaps from 10 years old?), there is indeed no particular difficulty in the assembly or solving the puzzle.



The construction of this kit is very satisfactory. This is particularly related to the quality of the parts and the precision of the cutting which allows a perfect assembly! 

The object is pretty and intriguing. We immediately want to take it and try it. The handling is satisfying and makes you want to do it again and again.The puzzle itself is not surprising, it is more of a game than a challenge and that is the goal.

Many other kits are available. You can find some pictures below.


Monday, 21 November 2022

Your list of puzzles to order from X-mas Father

X-mas is coming in a month or so, and it's time to make your wishing list for Xmas-Father !!!

Below are my suggestions. I will put several puzzles with several kind of price. If you've been nice maybe you will get them all under the Xmas tree. Else...maybe nothing??

The order of the below puzzles does not mean anything special. It does not mean that 1/ is my favourite. I just needed to make a list, that's it :) 

Also there are some great puzzles that I would highly recommend, but many are sold out. And it's better to have some puzzles in stock ready to be bought for your X-mas Father, you don't want to receive your presents in January :)

1/ Mecanigma Kit and/or Architecto kit for the people who like crafting things and enjoy big boxes!

Mecanigma Kit is the first big kit to have been released. I advise starting with Mecanigma Kit before doing Architecto. Everything is provided in the kits: glue, sandpaper, laquer, etc. You will just need some tiny manuel screwdrivers (kind of actually) to make tiny holes.

You need to follow the steps as everything is clearly mentioned. So you should not have too many issues. I still need to warn you: it's not that easy and obviously if you already have some manual skills that helps a lot.

As for Architecto Kit, it's a bit more expensive and more challenging to solve because there are LED lights and other things to add.

One more thing: you won't get spoiled while crafting the puzzle because the steps in the solution process don't follow the same order as the steps in the crafting process. Plus I am sure you will be more focussed on making things right, than analyzing the pieces and steps to deduce the solution ! :)

Kit Puzzle box Architecto NKD Puzzle - 1  Kit Puzzle box Mécanigma NKD Puzzle - 1

2/ Bozo's packing puzzles for the people who loved well-made clever packing puzzles

I reviewed the several puzzles in different posts in my blog. To be honest, I really like all of them. The quality is top, fit is perfect, difficulty is challenging.

His first puzzle was Ugly 4 which puzzled me for long time due to the weird puzzle pieces. Definity challenging.

The other 2: 8cat and Broken Heart are also nice challenges. 8cat has 2 challenges. As for Broken Heart I like the design a lot. For this one, I did not fall into the traps so I did not fully appreciated the difficulty, still liking it a lot.

The latest one MisFit has even improved in terms of quality with a nice tray and a plexi cover. It took me a bit of time. You can choose the colors of the pieces when placing your order.

Let me remind you the coupon code to use when ordering to get a nice % reduction: RPW7ZMDYF6XZ

Load image into Gallery viewer, Jigsaw Ugly4
Load image into Gallery viewer, The Misfit
Load image into Gallery viewer, 8cat puzzle

3/ Trick Locks from Sashko for the metal lover puzzlers who liked to be tricked with locks!

I reviewed in older posts the Titan Locks, Her Key to The treasure lock, and the lastest one: Monoblock.

All are modified locks from existing locks. In terms of difficulty for sure Titan lock is the most challenging with some traps and some unusual steps. Her Key to THe treasure can be solved in different ways (some more elegant than others) and finally Monoblock is the heaviest (pretty heavy actually!) of them all and has nice steps. It's not super difficult but some steps may puzzle you for some time.

His locks can be bought on etsy under the name of "LockPuzzle". He also made available to purchase some lock picking kits to learn how to pick locks. Something interesting I guess (I have never tried so far) !

I've put the link if you click on LockPuzzle, but sometimes links to etsy don't work...so I guess you also may find it by yourself on etsy :)

Titan padlock training/practice kit limited edition Brass

Titan's Treasure Puzzle Lock image 1

4/ Some mazes by Doug (aka Inside Cube)

So fare they have released a lof of puzzles from Easy to Mortal (well this is the name of it). The goal is to navigate with a ball from start to end with the maze engraved on the cubes. That does not make the puzzles easy, hell no !!

The first puzzles were called The Original: the easy cubes have fewer levels than the "regular" ones. The phantom ones have 2 ball bearings. Be careful: for the most advanced cubes, you cannot open them. 

The Donjon was released with the idea of using a vegetal plastic. It has a nice shape. I love the design of it.

Finally the Legend puzzles are on one level and have nice stories behind them. Recently there has been a campaign on Ulule to raise some money to create a more advanced Legend with a 2-layer maze. The layers can be taken off the tray, they call it Troglodyte.

Which ones will you choose ?? :)

Thursday, 17 November 2022

37 hours left to back up this project !!!

You have less than 2 days to back up this awesome puzzle project in Ulule !!

The money is raised by Doug aka Inside Cube. Goals are to re-release an old puzzle and a new one. And with some added bonus along the way.

Doug would like to raise 15 000 euros to reach a new goal !

So hurry up and help them to raise the money :)


This is the link of the project !


Sunday, 13 November 2022

Some Siebenstein-Spiele

Don't even try to pronounce "Siebenstein-Spiele", you better just solve the puzzles :)

Siebenstein-Spiele is famous for puzzles that usually combines wood and plexi and many have also some coins to free as goals. Many are mazes, but not all. So in this post, there will be one maze and one that is definitely not a maze!

Euro-Falle 03 is a cute puzzle that belongs to a pretty big series of euro coins from the same designer. 

It's composed of 4 screws and I notices that 3 of them were a bit loose. So I unscrewed them. Of course, if I tell you that, then you should immediately see this not as a spoiler (because it's not the solution). And... puzzle solved!!

So I realized that was not the solution (and if it was, then it would have been super disapointing) and I managed to see the mechanism and the way it should have normally worked. Nothing really new about the mechanism, so don't expect something amazing. There is one step that I don't like and a nice step as well. I keep secret the number of step.

I recommend the puzzle if you have the other in the collection or if you like coin puzzles. If you're lookingfor a serious challenge, that may not the puzzle that suits your taste. I don't mean this is an easy puzzle though.

As for the other puzzle, the maze one, it's called "safe". I have to say that the name of the puzzle is pretty well found because the coin to release is safe as it's a challenging puzzle. It's a 2 layer maze (one wooden layer and one in plexi) that you will have to rotate while moving the 2 pins. 


It's for sure a challenging puzzle!

At some point you will solve it, it's mostly try, try again and try one more time. I'm not even sure we can apply a reliable logic when solving a maze puzzle....

For sure it's well made, and if you're looking for a serious challenge, go for it! You will rewarded with a real coin, so actually you can replace the coin with a fake one, resulting in a cheaper puzzle :)

Both can be found on Puzzle Master webshop !

Sunday, 30 October 2022

3rd lock from Sashko

You may already be aware of Sashko's previous locks: Titan and Her Key to the Treasure. Now you will be able to enjoy another lock (it's been long time that Sashko has not relesad a new puzzle).

And it's not a small one....it's HEAVY !

This big lock is called "Monoblock" and it's a 1kg puzzle. Don't drop it on your feet....

The goal is easy to guess: open the lock !


I quickly made some discoveries that lead me on the right track and I made some progress smoothly. Actually it did not take me long time to solve, but I assume if you don't get the right ideas at the right moment, then it may take some more time. Especially one step that may be a bit tricky and I am not even sure that I did it in the intended way... Nevermind it worked :)

Also about the last step, I don't really fully understand at 100% how it works despite having managed to perform it several times...

Obviously this is a must-have if you like trick locks and metal puzzles !

Compared to Saskho's previous lock, it's definitely less challenging than his Titan puzzle. 

But after all, a break in terms of difficulty is never a bad ide, don't you think so?

I am in a hurry to see what Sashko will prepare for us in the (hopefull soon) future !!

You can buy the lock at Sashko's etsy shop

Tuesday, 18 October 2022

New Ulule Campaign for DouG Factory (inside cube)

Quick promotion post for their new campaign


Sounds really exciting with come devilish puzzles. I trust they will keep on making top-quality puzzle. 

So what are you waiting for? Go and bid :-)

Friday, 14 October 2022

MisFit by Bozo - finally solved !!

I made a quick post about the new Bozo puzzle in September called MisFit. The quality is still top level and the tray has improved a lot, especially the cover lid.

I really like the fact that you have an empty space for the puzzle to get an initial configuration that does not spoil you the solution.

Ok so now, what can I say in this new post? Well....just that I finally solved the puzzle!!!

Of course I played with it a bit when I first made my previous post. But honestly you cannot really count on the previous attempts to remember and make significant progress. In fact, many pieces can be placed at many spaces, making it confusing and almost impossible to remember what you tried to do some days ago while playing with the puzzle.

So I sit down and played with it. It must have taken me around one hours to solve and at the end, still some pieces to move...and....SOLVED !

I would say this is a challenging one, more difficult than his broken heart puzzle.

solved. Picture over lighted to not spoil!



A must-have in your collection if you like challenging, tricky, well-made, plexi puzzles. 

I can only recommend to buy all of his creations, because they all have that little something extra special that makes his designs so awsome :)

You can buy them at Bozo's website!

And if you want to enjoy a 10% reduction, you can use my coupon code: RPW7ZMDYF6XZ

The reduction is applied an can be seen after you click on "checkout" button, then on the page you can apply the coupon code.

If you don't like the colors, Bozo offers you to choose other colors (like all white, all black, etc.), but I feel the colors of mine are the best!