Saturday 13 January 2024

The Legend of Zelda -Triforce Puzzle

We're not talking about this video games (even if I am found of all Zelda games!), but again about a puzzle, with obviously a Zelda theme. Let me show you a new Hanayama puzzle: Triforce Puzzle.

Hanayama is famous for its metal puzzle series ranking from 1/6 to 6/6 in terms of difficulty (1 being the easiest) and from time to time they make their puzzle with a new "theme". I remember they made some puzzle with a Disney theme for some of their old creations. And sometimes they even make like special edition with black or gold coated paint on them.

This time they have decided to go through one of the most (if not the most!) famous video game license to make 3 gorgeous puzzles. I will only show one of them: the triforce puzzle.


You will immediately notice the size of the packaging: it's the double size of the usual hanayama puzzle. It honestly gives justice to the brand and quality of both Zelda and Hanayama. Hanayama did a really good job here. You can find all the stuff related to the video game: the famous triforce shape that appears on each side of the package (except the bottom -but who cares?) and the level of difficulty is not given in terme of stars of digits but in terms of gems (the gems are the currency in zelda). All of that makes sense!

Nothing bad to say about the quality, same as the other hanayama puzzle, you cannot go wrong with it!

I want to highlight something about the price. It's more expensive than the usual hanayama and many people (you know those who are ready to pay thousands for a puzzle...) were not happy with that. Let me explain some things: first the package is bigger and needed more effort to design and probably to make. Then, and for me it's pretty obvious: Hanayama must have paid some fees to Nintendo and Hanayama still needs to make to money. So again, disregard the small increase and go for it!


Now what about the puzzling part? Honestly I liked it a lot. It's a nice puzzle to fiddle with. I managed to make it move a bit and thn I could see the internals and I immediately knew what was going on there. Still I could not find a proper way to solve it until with a bit of.... and of ****

Spoilers avoided !!

Then I managed to find the solution online and there is a very clever way to solve that puzzle, which make it even a better puzzle. Way more clever than my fiddling solution...!

Now I will play with the other 2 in the series to make a ranking of my favourite. 

Despite its not huge difficulty, I am sure you will enjoy triforce, maybe even more when getting the proper solution!

You can buy this puzzle at Puzzle Master webshop!

The other puzzles are the Sword and the Emblem.

If you want to buy all the 3, you get a discount!

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