Saturday 4 November 2023

Kickstarter campaign for Oskar's metal puzzle is launched !

Puzzle Master has officially launched a new kickstarter campaign to raise funds so to mass-produce a metal puzzle from Oskar's mind.


This Honeycomb puzzle is composed of a black base and of 7 threaded gold pieces that you literally have to unscrew / screw from/in the base to solve and reassemble the puzzle.

Quality speaking this puzzle is very nice and the fit was perfect and precise. I can only speak for my copy but I guess some (I still hope not!) won't be as perfect as mine. Here comes a potential weakness: if the threads are not precisely made, then it may be either hard or impossible to solve the puzzle. But I guess Puzzle Master will follow up any issue. 

The puzzle feels solid and heaby in the hands and clearly this is usually a good sign! No red flags here :)

I still advise supervision of adults if children are playing with the puzzle. Threads can be sharp and you may cut a bit your fingers if you apply too much pressure on them while screwing. It does not happen to me but this is the usual warning when playing with metal threaded parts: take your time, no pressure, no force, be gentle !!

Now let's speak about the solving process. Obviously you will have to unscrew all the pieces, no doubt about that. It's pretty easy and straight forward to solve the puzzle. Anyone can solve it !

Reassembling the puzzle is more challenging. You need to figure out which pieces go where and fidle a bit about how to put them back. Still, it's not super difficult to achieve, it's pleasant though.

If you're a metal puzzle sucker, definitely you should pledge on the kickstarter campaign. If you're only attracted by the difficulty level of a puzzle, just consider another puzzle, or buy it for your friends :)


The link for the kickstarter campaign is: HERE

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