Monday, 30 August 2021

C & U

Sounds like a hidden message? Well not at all, just the shortname of a pretty big metal puzzle designed by the genius Jean-Claude Constantin, a French guy who is living in Germany.

From the shape of the pieces, you can now understand the name of the puzzle, right?

So the goal is easy, just separate the 2 pieces. The solving process is a bit harder than what it looks at a first glance ! The quality is perfect as usually with JCC puzzles. You cannot go wrong with his metal puzzles !

I was playing a bit for some time and it solved by itself (not completely but still). It is harder to reassemble than to solve because you usually get lost with these kind of puzzles.

Basically you need to use a little bit of force, those who solved it know what I am taling about. I think this is normal, you won't beak the puzzle !!

In my opinion, this is a nice puzzles among the disentanglement puzzle. It's not super super easy, but it's far from being hard. You can easily let your friends play with it and enjoy how they struggle to reassemble (one of my friends solved it but could not reassemble it...).

For the metal lovers and for the JCC puzzle collectors, this is a must-have in your collection !

You can find the puzzle on Puzzle Master webshop

And you can also find there the solution !

Friday, 20 August 2021


Not sure why this name, but I am sure this is a puzzle !!

Made in wood and designed directly from the devilish head of Jean-Claude Constantin, this nice little puzzle should puzzle you :)

The goal of N-5 is to free a small beall bearing and to be able to do so, you need to move the 4 sliders so that at the end the 2 holes match.

Of course, when you maneuver a slider sometimes it's restricted to few moves, sometimes it just does not move because of the position of other sliders. So you need to plan how to move other sliders before moving one slider.

It did not take me that long to solve, and it should not take you so long before solving it I am sure. It's just a question of analysis. So this puzzle is approcheable by non seasoned puzzlers as well and it's like a nice starter to introduce puzzles to your friends and family.

I do advise it if you like nice looking puzzles and wood puzzles, and of course if you like JCC puzzles in general. 

If you're only into super hard puzzles, this may not be your cup of tea then... :)

You can buy the puzzles at Puzzle Master webshop.

And find there the solution as well !