Tuesday, 7 June 2022

The most difficult 3D packing puzzles on earth !

The title means it, it's no joke, wait and see !!

These puzzles are designed by No Problem puzzle "company", basically a group of 2 people (sorry I don't remember the names and they are hard to write, sorry guys!). 

Their packing puzzles have rotations and many tricks and despite their simple look are extremely hard.

Turn Them In

The goal is to pack the pieces inside and close the box. The thing is that if you do it the way below, you won't be able to close the lid because of the corners forned by the cube.

Obviously you will need to make some space, enough so you can turn a piece inside the hole. Ok, sound obscure, but you will see what I mean when you play with the puzzle. I would say this is the easiest of the puzzles in this post!


Only 3 pieces.... sounds easy?? Not way. Probably the most difficult one! You need to rotate the pieces inside using the finger holes and sliding the two parts of the box. Difficult and the tolerances are small and tight.


A challenging puzzle with several difficulties: the obstacle (the rod), but the holes created and top and bottom. You need a bit of dexterity to keep the pieces stable. 

Toogle Box

Challenging without being frustrating, toogle box is a nice puzzle. The obtacle is not my favourite one, but it does the job to annoy you :)


A very difficult puzzle! You will need to use your brain and do something new that you've not tried with the other puzzles from the same series. Yes, something new!

To conclude: for sure you will have a lot of fun for your money. There are very innovative, very well designed and made. And for sure, they are not the usual packing puzzles you're used to. 

So you know what to do for some challenged! :)

You can buy them on Puzzle Master website:

Turn them In



Toogle Box


Monday, 30 May 2022

369 SD puzzle box

 369 puzzle box is a 3D-printed puzzle designed by CreativeWorkshopCA.

I already review Eye of Horus, the Tiger and the Cryptex. But 369 puzzle box may be my favourite one.

It's a sequencial discovery with several tools you need to use to make some progress during your puzzling journey :)

You should discover some tools are the very beginning but you may be soon confused with how you should use them. That's not that obvious, but you need to experiment even if you think this is a stupid idea.

At some point I was blocked and I really wondered what to do. Basically the puzzle needed a bit of shaking (not necessary normally) because the official solution proved to me that I was right withmy ideas and that it should be opened. But again the puzzle does not need any force nor tapping. A slight shacking won't damage anything though and may be a bit useful.

It's not a big puzzle but still have many things inside its body and this is what I like. You don't need to have a big puzzle to have many things going on inside. And usually the biggest puzzles don't have (proportionnaly speaking) so many things inside.

I do recommend it at 200%. You will have a nice challenge with a satisfying solution for pretty cheap and for a top quality !!

You can buy it on ETSY

Sunday, 22 May 2022

Many cast puzzles in a row !

In this post, I will quickly review some cats puzzles by Hanayama. Many of them are not that difficult, but all are enjoyable !

The seemingly easy puzzle that will puzzle you for some time. As with this kind of puzzle, I am sure you will be able to solve it, forget how you did, then solved it again....process should be this for some time.
A perfect puzzle to torture a beginner and to challenge an experienced puzzler!

It's an interested maze-like puzzle. Well it's not a maze in the proper sense of the word. But it's a path-finding as you will move one key on the path of the other, with different kind of moves. I feel this is a must-have in any cast puzzle collector. I mean it !

Long time ago it was rated as 4 and now it's 5/6. I pretty mcuh agree with 5/6 rating.
The goal is to separate the 4 parts of the puzzle: there are 2 part for the ball and 2 parts for its cage.
And to do so, you will have to find the perfect alignment. The disassembly move is very satisfying and unexpected!
This is a perfect level 5: it's challenging, but you should be able to reasemble it easily and quickly if you remember the trick. It's not going to take forever like it ca with some level 5/6 cast puzzle.
Go for it !!

This embodies the perfect level 1 cast puzzle with very clever twist moves. I am sure you will love it.

This gorgeous looking puzzle is not that difficult bt still interesting: you need to navigate the music notes along each other. Personally I think the link is more interesting than the solving process, but the solve is still nice.

One of my favourite puzzle. The 2 halves go together is a loving twist move. It will need you some thinking on how to approach the puzzle. And once solved, you will want to solve it again and again like a fidget toy :)

A very weird looking puzzle composed of 3 parts, all of them dancing like a fidget toy. You will understand once you've played with it. I would say the most original cast puzzle from this post. For only this reason you have to buy it. Of course, the solve is nice!

Cast Diamond, Cast Key II, Cast Marble, Cast Loop, Cast Harmony, Cast Love and Cast Slider can all be bought from Puzzle Master webshop.

Note that Puzzle Master also sells sets of puzzles for discounted price! The best way to start of complete your cast puzzle collection for a reduced price!

A set of 58 Hanayama puzzles

A set of 33 puzzles with level 4-6

A set of  23 puzzles with level 1-3

Sunday, 1 May 2022

More chess pieces

I already reviewed a chess piece by Hanayama in a previous post and this time I will review all the other ones from the same series.

All these puzzles were initially designed and made by Marcel Gillen long time ago and since then mass-produced by several companies.

The mechanism are somewhat a little bit different from the original pieces in the way that the original pieces were a bit more difficult. Resulting in these recent ones being pretty easy. But it depends on the experience you have with solving puzzles!


The knight is the easiest one in the series and should not take you that long. A nice starter for the whole series.

Let's continue with the rook: a nice one with another trick. I like the design of it with the star on the top!

What about the pawn? In my opinion, this is the best in the series. I like the implementation of the tricks, pretty clever!

The queen is a bit like the king (well they love each other, don't they?) in the solving process. Does not mean the same ;)

And to finish: the bishop. It gave me a bit of difficulties. I would rate it the most difficult in the series. The solving process is satisfying. Don't break his head :)

In my opinion, the mass-produced version are an affordable way of playing with these very famous puzzles. I do recommend them if you're a metal puzzle lover or an hanayama puzzle collector.

If you're really looking for challenging puzzles, then they may not be your cup of tea: they are rather easy.

You can find them on Puzzle Master webshop and if you buy the bundle with all the pieces, it's cheaper.

Don't get fooled by the color: black, silver, gold or any possible color it does not matter. The solving process is the same!

Friday, 15 April 2022

Hanayama - chess piece KING

From the Hanayama series, there are not only the cast puzzles, but also the series of the chess pieces.

Basically all the pieces on a usual chess board !

So let's talk about the King.

First thing to notice: the packaging is awsome and give justice to the beauty of the puzzle itself.

Second thing: the quality is super nice, but you knwo that you cannot go wrong with Hanayama. The precision is perfect and I have never had any issues so far with their puzzles.

Now the solving process: it's definitely not the hardest hanayama puzzle: it's rated as 3/6. I would pretty much agree or maybe a 2/6 is you're seasoned with other chess pieces in the series.

The mechanism is clever and should puzzle your friends for some time until they solve the puzzle and get their reward (a small little coin inside).

The chess pieces exist in several color but the solution is the same. So the color does not matter but it would be better to collect the pieces in the same color :)

You can buy the puzzle on Puzzle Master webshop!

Monday, 11 April 2022

Cast Dice

Cast Dice is an Hanayama puzzle with a nice looking design and designed by Timothy Collins. It changes from the usual designers of cast puzzle (Oskar and Vesa) :)

It is composed of a cage (but it's not a hedgehog style puzzle) and 3 pieces that go in the 3 possible directions of a dice. It's rated with a 3/6 difficulty. For some reasons I disagree a bit, let's see.

It did not take me super long to solve, but it was mainly with fiddling and without real understanding nor applying any logic to the puzzle. And BAM it came apart and I solved the puzzle. Ok fine!

Normally you usually solve a level 1/6 puzzle with luck 'and not with all), so I would give it a 1/6.

Reassembling is also fiddling with the puzzle and BAM it reassembled !!!

Well that was pretty much the scenario how it happened with me. Reassemling the puzzle is somewhat a bit more difficult.

For theses reasons some people may not like it and I could understand. But I am a metal lover and cast puzzle collectors and well it thought this was a cute puzzle and a nice fidget toy. So for sure it's definitely not my favourite hanayama puzzles, but I don't hate it!

And yes, I still advise you to buy it !! :)

You can find Cast Dice on Puzzle Master webshop

Thursday, 24 March 2022

Cryptex Cylinder Puzzle Box

For the 3rd review of a puzzle designed and produced by CreativeWorkshopCA, I am going to review the Cryptex Cylinder Puzzle box, also known as the Newton puzzle.

And this is clearly way more challenging than Horus and Tiger !! You're warned!

The puzzle is bigger and has 3 moving parts and again some ball bearings. Some writings surround the puzzle.

Just to be clear: it's not really a cryptex puzzle: you don't have to solve any riddles or anything like that. The name of the puzzle (Newton) can give you a hint (that I was only aware after reading the official solution....meaning: it's not so that useful to solve the puzzle).



By moving the different part of the puzzle you will see that there are some holes on the core of the puzzle and probably you will have to make the lin between these holes and the ball bearings...

Again, I had an idea on how to solve the puzzle, but it was more challenging to implement the idea than expected.

Be prepared to see some ball bearings disappear and then appear again somewhere else for a reason that you might not fully understand :)

The main difficulty with this puzzle is that you cannot see what you're doing (that would be ok with a small puzzle though) and there are many things involved. At some point a lid can be blocked, but you might not understand why.

I advise also to pull the lid and probabl you have solved the puzzle without noticing it.

At some point, I manage to pull the lid and I was like "finally solved!" but the lid did not fully come apart and so I did not have solve the puzzle :-(

It's after some time that I completely solve the puzzle!

Obviously I did not follow the steps as in the official solution, I guess the correct solving process is not super easy.

I like the puzzle, but maybe a bit too challenging (or frustrating) for me.

But again, I advise it!

About the screws: they are not part of the puzzle. Unscrewing them allow you to reset the puzzle easier. But of course, if you admit defeat then you can unscrew them and check the mechanism.

The puzzle is available: HERE

Monday, 14 March 2022

Eye of Horus - Cryptex Cylinder Puzzle Box

Eyes of Horus is the second puzzle box, along with Tiger, produced by CreativeWorkshopCA, with the same difficulty.

I don't know which of the 2 is more challenging...maybe this one (basically I don't set a timer to see if I am good at a puzzle or not, so....)

Both Tiger and Horus share some characteristics: very well made with 3D printers and things ratling inside.

I roughly had an idea how I could solve the puzzle and it turned out to be the right idea.

Horus has a second lid on the top of a first lid, it moves, but is it useful?....you will have to figure out!

When I played with the puzzle, sometimes the lid was stucked, sometimes it moved freely. Blocking the lid can help you doing some things, but (and this is not a spoiler!) if the lid cannot move then you cannot open the puzzle.

Contrary to Tiger, for horus you have a small hole on the oustide of the puzzle, from where you will see a ball bearing appearing and then disappearing. It is helpful !

For that reason, I think I prefer Horus than Tiger, despite both of them being super cool ! 


And again, for the quality, solving process and price, I can only recommend to buy them :)

You can buy Horus on Puzzle Master webshop !

Thursday, 10 March 2022

The Tiger - Cryptex Cylinder Puzzle Box

I will review all the puzzles from this etsy shop, starting with the easiest one (or one of the easiest): the tiger.

The name of the puzzle comes from the nice tiger pattern on the top of the lid.

Tiger is designed and produced by CreativeWorkshopCA.

All their puzzles are 3D-printed with a high quality level. 

At a first glance, it looks very nice and when you hold it and shake it a bit, you can hear some ball bearings rattlings....maybe you can try to guess the mechanism already?

Basically the mechanism used is not something completely new to me as I already have a puzzle that shares the same mechanism more or less. I won't tell you which though :)

The main challenge with Tiger is that you cannot see what you're doing, you can only rely on the noise of the puzzle. It did not take me too much time to solve but it was quite a challenge. And it's satisfying to solve. Not difficult to reassemble!

It's the perfect puzzle to torture a beginner and to challenge a seasoned puzzler. And for the cheap price you know that you cannot go wrong with it :)

You can buy the puzzle on Puzzle Master website:)


Thursday, 3 March 2022


Sachiko is a nice puzzle designed by a Frédéric Boucher, know for his packing puzzles that have a little something special, and this one is not an exception to the rule !

This is indeed a packing puzzles with several nice little things: the shape of the pieces and the shape of the tray with its several holes. Usually when there are holes in the tray it's to manipulate the pieces more easily....only that?

My usual technique when you have obstructions with the tray: you try solving the puzzles outside the tray first. I thought that would be pretty easy to assembling directly the pieces inside the tray, and soon I realized I should proceed as usually: outside of the tray !

It did not take me that long and I must admit the the solution is satisfaying. I liked to repeat again and again the last step. And you must understand why if you've solved the puzzle already :)

For sure, this is a must-have if you like packing puzzles that are not packing puzzles and if you like Fred Boucher's designs.

You can buy the puzzle on Puzzle Master webshop!

Saturday, 26 February 2022

The aMAZEing Lego PuzzleBox

....and I will explain you why it's amazing!

This puzzle is made entirely out of lego bricks, designed and made by QuizBrix

According to the description, it's a level 7 sequencial discovery puzzlebox. I am very curious as this is my first lego puzzle box.


It's a general trend in the puzzle world that puzzles are made out of different meterials than metal and wood. More and more puzzles are made with 3D printers and same comment regarding lego bricks.

I was pretty intrigued how you could make a puzzle with lego, espacially a sequencial discovery one, and even more that it's not fragile!

My fear was that you could disassembled pieces that should come together and then messed up the puzzle...

But this puzzle did not disappoint me !!

First of all, the design is nice and looks simple. It's not massive and seems to have several kind of bricks. I noticed many transparent one. Probably to help you?....

As for the puzzling aspect, it's really wonderful. You have several tools that you will have to use and I found one tool that I could not use properly to progress on my puzzle journey. I was even not sure if it was a tool or a red hearing, and I won't say more in order not to spoil you :)

Honestly the satisfaying sequence of moves, the tool and the reward are worth the small price of this puzzlebox.

Trust me: it's a CLEVER sequencial discovery puzzle !! 

And the good point: if you cannot move a piece; either it's blocked by another piece (and you should figure out that soon!) or you're just not allowed to move that piece. So it's nealry impossible that you break the puzzle....unless you use a hammer.... !!

I wish QuizBrix make some other puzzle in the same spirit.

The level 7 (I assume on a scale of 10) is the appropriate one: it's a challenging puzzle, but not at all impossible. It should puzzle you for some time and when you know how to progresse you should have some "ah-ha" moments !

The name of the puzzle should make you think that you will solve a maze. But it's not the case, there is no real maze. Of course you will have to find your way with some tools, but trust me: no maze to solve!

And the good thing is that you don't really navigate blindly.

You're not completely lost and the puzzle is made so that you cannot lose any tool inside it ! So you really can try all the things that you want as you will always be able to get easily your tools.

Your prize is a QR code with a golden bar. The QR code congrats you and give the steps to resset the puzzle. But you can resset by yourself. You cannot block the puzzle, no worries!

You can buy this wonderful puzzle on QuizBrix webshop

Saturday, 19 February 2022

JP Lock Bronze

JP Lock Bronze is a trick lock designed and made by Jean-Claude Constantin made of plexi, wood (MDF probably) and metal pins.

The funny thing about this puzzle is that you clearly see what you're doing when solving it. There are very few puzzle locks that are transparent. This one and the "open lock" by Gary Foshee are the only 2 that I know. But maybe there are others?

It requires several steps to open, mainly sliding the pieces while trying to not be blocked by the ball bearings.

Honestly this is a way too easy puzzle. It took me few seconds to open and a non experienced puzzler should be able to solve it under a minute or so.  So it may be more suitable for children in my opinion.

Don't get me wrong: this puzzle is nicely crafted, great quality and is pleasant to solve!

But I expect a bit more difficulty. Of course, there are versions of it that are not transparent and I strongly advise not transparent versions for a better challenge, even if I am not super found of navigating blindly during a puzzle journey...


You can buy the puzzle on Puzzle Master webshop !


Saturday, 12 February 2022

This time you can play with food !


Because the puzzle I am going to review is called Bacon Pancake :)

It's a packing puzzle made with 3D printers and the goal is just to pack all the bacon pieces, easy? No !!!


First points to notice: the quality is awsome and the colors are (in my opinion) well chosen.


Now what about the puzzling aspect of the puzzle? Basically there is not real trickery in this puzzle, you just need to arrange the pieces in the proper way and with the right orientation so that you don't need any force to solve the puzzle.

I played with it during long time and I could not find the solution...so I cheated! What's wrong with that? 

Sometimes, you need to admit defeat! And the solution is challenging to find, I could not have thought about it...

Ok so I am a bad solver, but wait for the end!

One day (this is pure truth, no invention of any kind) I was watching something on the internet and I played with the puzzle because I feel the pieces are pleasant to touch :)

And guess what I solved the puzzle!!!! But not with the "official" solution. My solution does not need any force and is less complicated.


So 2 possibilities: either there are indeed 2 solutions (one being easier than the official one). Or there are some mistakes in the making of the puzzle allowing another solution. I don't know what the correct option is. But if you have the puzzle, I would be happy to know if you found 2 solutions and maybe you can try my solution with your puzzle?

But in any way, this is a nice puzzle that should keep you busy for long time, especially if you don't cheat :)

You can buy the puzzle on Puzzle Master webshop !


Tuesday, 8 February 2022


Time to review a nice plexi packing puzzle designed and made by Vladimir Krasnoukhov called Snowflakes, easy to guess why.

The goal is to manage to create the snowflake inside the tray, basically just put all the 3 pieces inside the tray :)

It is far from being easy (but perfectly doable) as I am sure you will have a configuration where you can put 2 pieces and the 3rd one cannot fit because of a too large edge.

I notice that designers who create packing puzzles, especially in plexi tend to have a nice displayed solution. I mean, of course the goal is to pack all the pieces, but the result is pretty often a nice shape.

This is why, my method was to find a symetrical shape and not just pieces randomly put. For sure, finding a symetrical shape is harder when the shape of the pieces are complex, which is the case here.

Still, it did not take me that long to solve the puzzle and I must admit I was pretty satisfied as I am not the best packing solver.

I advise this puzzle if you like packing puzzles, whether you're seasoned or not you will be challenged without frustration :)

You can buy it on Puzzle Master webshop !

Sunday, 6 February 2022

Kirigami Pop-ups

As you know I am a big fan of origami foldings, especially modular and geometrical origami. I like the shapes and I find that folding is a relaxing hobby, espite being somewhat a bit repetitive (when you have to fold hundreds of the same module, it starts to be a bit boring....).

I found by chance some very nice foldings made by Guy Petzall.

They are in the form of pop-ups, you know you fold in half and when you open, there is like a shape popping-up. Here it's the same, but with geometrical shapes.

Literally I fell in love with Guy's creations. They are very wonderful and trust me they must take very long time to fold ! And a lot of patience....

You can have a look at Guy's foldings: HERE

He put some models and videos where he explains the technique. Very useful !


And quick pictures that you can find on the link below:

Guy has created a starter kit (which is a very nice idea) for the beginners (I am, regarding this technique) with models of increasing difficulty. 

Basically the kit is composed of 12 models to fold, a book and black papers for the background. What you need is only your hands. Indeed, the models are already pre-creased.

It does not mean that it's easy to fold and I advise to start with the easier models first and when you feel ready then to go for the most difficult foldings.


I chose the easiest model first and I am pretty happy how it turned out:

When you have folded the mountain and valley folds, then you can flatten the models and voilà !

The main advantage of these foldings is that they can be carried out anywhere. You cannot carry easily a big 3D gemetrical origami....

Guy has published so far 5 differents books and he is working on volume 6 and 7. The models get increasingly complex and challenging to fold as the books progress. 

You can buy the books on amazon

Wednesday, 2 February 2022

Pill Box Puzzle - Nesting Mazes

I am not super found of hidden maze like the revomaze puzzles, as I like to see what I am doing and if I make progress or not...

However I wanted to try a 3D printed maze to see if hidden mazes can now be my friend or still not. And the reply is YES !

Nesting Mazes is actually 3 mazes in one box because once you solve the maze, then you get another one and a third one.

It's easy to navigate the maze, no issue with the 3D printed materials. It's smooth and enjoyable (really !). No force is needed, just nice and small moves.


Now you can say that you cannot see your progress? At the beginning it's true. But...

But first you should be able to use your brain and don't take a false path that you may have taken previously. Secondly, at some point you can see where you're expected to get to solve the maze and then you should see which is the best path to reach your goal.

And you can apply this method to solve all the 3 mazes.

Sure it won't take 1 minute, but it's perfectly doable without any pain in you hands and without any frustration. And when you don't have these 2 issues, then you should have a nice puzzling journey :)


As usually the nice puzzles that I review in my blog can be bought at Puzzle Master webshop

Monday, 31 January 2022

Lattice puzzle

Lattice puzzle is a puzzle designed by a former puzzle blogger Jerry Loo.

It consists of 8 plates to assembled into a 3D geometrical shape. It's not a burr but a "take-apart" puzzle.

Disassembling the puzzle is not super difficult, but still requires a bit of thinking. Basically you won't just slide the plates....I won't tell more, but you will have to try other kind of moves.... :)

So I played with the puzzle, tried several moves and at some point I managed to "free" one plate", then 2 more....and puzzle solved!

Solving the puzzle is challenging. Reassembling the puzzle is way too difficult (for me), so I cheated and saw a video on the internet to manage putting it back.

The puzzle looks nice and if you're ready for a big challenge, then go for it and buy it.

It's available on Puzzle Master webshop.

There are other puzzle (Dirty Dozen) in the same series that Puzzle Master produced. I will review another one a bit latter.

Saturday, 29 January 2022

Priceless Puzzle Series #2 - Pearl

I have already review the diamond and now it's the turn of Pearl in the same series. In my opinion they have both more or less the same difficulty, even if I think that Diamond is a bit easier.

Pearl is a 3D printed puzzle designed by Jared Petersen and belongs to the Priceless Series.

First things first, the quality: very nice! Nicely crafted even if it's not from wood or metal.

Now that's inside? Of course I won't tell you. What I can tell you is that there are things rattling, maybe ball bearings?

Basically inside the 4 Priceless puzzles there are things rattling and those rattling bits must be part of the devilish mechanism!! :)

After a bit of time shaking the puzzle, turning, screwing....I finally solved it. It did not take me that long and I was surprised by the mechanism. It's simple and efficient. I am still not completely sure at 100% how it works :-(

Anyway if you've enjoyed any of the other Priceless puzzles, you should enjoy this one as well.


As usually you can find the puzzle on Puzzle Master webshop


Monday, 24 January 2022

Broken Heart -2nd part

As mentioned previously, I wanted to make another post when Broken Heart by Bozo would have been solved (by me!). And this is done, so I want to share with you my feelings about this nice plexi puzzle.

The quality is awsome, all the pieces fit perfectly. So no need to apply force. If you apply force, it just means that you should try with another piece to check if it fits better.

The goal is to pack all the pieces in the tray....as usualy with try-packing puzzles !

The announced difficulty is 6/10 and I agree with this rating. In my opinion, this is the easiest of the existing 3 puzzles made by Bozo. His other 2 being Ugy4 and 8cat. I struggled too much with them !!

Sorry I cannot put another picture because the solved state is clearly a spoiler, and I don't want to spoil you :)

Bozo said that he is not super happy with this puzzle (well all designers tend to say that they could have done a better puzzle lol) because he said that many people will not experience the twist in the puzzle and hence will not have difficulties to solve the puzzle.

Personally, I did not experience this twist, which does not mean that it was straight-forward. It is still challenging, but it could have been more challenging (and the rating could have been easily a 8/10 instead of a 6/10).

In my opinion, this is a very nice puzzle and you should get it: I love the shapes of the pieces, the quality is awsome, the twist is nice, the challenge is here and the final looking puzzle is awsome!

So you should definity buy it HERE

There is still a 10% reduction code always valid for any puzzle that you buy on Bozo's webshop: RPW7ZMDYF6XZ


Saturday, 22 January 2022

Broken Heart - Bozo quick article

A new Bozo puzzle has arrived. Bozo is famous for his puzzles Ugly4 and 8cat.

The new puzzle is called Broken Heart and its goal is to put all the 19 pieces into the frame.



For me 19 pieces is a lot, so I do think this will be a super challenging puzzle despite the difficulty of 6/10 

Like with 8cat, there is an additional challenge after you've solved the puzzle: a piece (or more) should be in the small bag. I won't cheat so I don't know yet.

Basically you get 2 puzzles in 1 !!

The quality is super good as usual, the shape of the pieces are unsual and I am sure I will have to think "outside of the box" to solve it !! I can only recommend you to buy it. It's not a limited edition, but I am sure that at some point it won't be produced.

You can buy Broken Heart directly on Bozo's website

There is still a 10% reduction code always valid for any puzzle that you buy on Bozo's webshop: RPW7ZMDYF6XZ

Wednesday, 19 January 2022


Centrale is a wooden puzzle designed and made by the famous Jean-Claude Constantin. The goal is obvious: free the coin! The task is more difficult !

Basically you can cheat (I solved the puzzle this way): just shake the puzzle and maybe if you're lucky at some point it will be solved. But of course there is an "official" way to open it.

From what I guess there must be some ball bearings inside and probably you should try to manage to put them in their respective slots or something like that. The difficulty lies in the fact that all is hidden. I assume it's a super easy puzzle if everything would be visible :)

The crafting is (no surprise) very good!

I found the solution and I had some difficulties to reproduce it. I must be doing something wrong....

In my opinion this is a nice puzzle addition in your collection for a cheap price. It's not so much my cup of tea as I am not found of hidden puzzles where you're navigating blindly. But some people are only into these kinds of puzzles. 

I think this is a nice puzzle for anyone, seasoned puzzlers and newbies!

You can buy this puzzle at your favourite online webpuzzle shop...guess!!! Puzzle Master :)