Tuesday, 27 December 2022

Do you fancy some Jean-Claude Constantin puzzles?

A bit long time that I have not reviewed some JCC (Jean-Claude Constantin) puzzles :)

Here I will speak about 2 small boxes: triangle trick box and 20 cent box.

Which attributes do they both share apart from being made by the same designer and being made with wood and a bit of metal? Well, they have several steps (not a lot though), are not that big (especially true for 20 cent box) and.... they are boxes !! Amazing, right? :)

Triangle Trick Box

I first need to mention that I like th shape of the box, it changes from basique cubic boxes! It obvious at a first glace that something must move to open the box. Now how to open it? Well, I am not going to reveal the secrets. But just be curious about all the small little things here and there. What about the screw? Do you have to find a screwdriver? I let figure it out by yourself :)

It did not take me a lof of time to solve, but it was still nice to repeat the process. It should not be a big challenge for puzzlers, but may pose a bit more difficulty for newbies. Hence, I recommend it either if you're totally a beginner in puzzle boxes or for children

20 cent box

Keys bit no keyholes....

Coin but nothing to pay for....

Nothing seems to move....

but of course, things will move!

This is one move that I am not super fan of in the solution process. But I must admit that it's pretty clever though. Not a lot of steps, not overly difficult. A bit more challenging than Triangle Trick Box. You can try to cheat (yes I did), I wish you good luck if you manage to solve the puzzle like that. Normally it should not happen. When I mean "cheat" you will immediately know how you could consider cheating with this puzzle when you have it in your hands :)

This puzzles is suitable for new puzzle collectors and for more seasoned as well. Don't get me wrong, you seasoned one, you won't be challenged for hours with this one though!

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