Tuesday, 3 January 2023

Bullet burr puzzles

We all know burr puzzles, you know the mind bogging puzzles...!!

What's the common point between burr and soma cube? 

Well, both have existed since long time ago and designers have always tried to make different shapes, keeping the same goal in mind but adding some new challenges.

These bullet puzzles exist in 2 variations: Design 1 and Design 3, both are 3D-printed (with great quality)



Now what about the challenges? Well usually these kind of puzzles are not that easy for several reasons: first you need to make the final shape in your mind. And then you need to assemble the pieces and this requires a bit of dexterity. Especially here when the pieces can slip out of your fingers easily. Rubber bands will help for sure! :)

It took a bit of time to assemble one puzzles and the other one is still unsolved...I will get back to it when I can. I don't like defeat.

Usually with burr puzzle, once the puzzle is completely assemble, the structure is strong enough that it usually does not fall apart. So the challenging parts are at the beginning when all the pieces can easily fall apart !!

For those of you who like challenging puzzles, these are definitely for you!

Also I like a lot the shape, they look stunning and will display well in your puzzle cabinets.

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