Monday 13 March 2023

Some cheaper Yuu Asaka

Cheaper does not mean less good. More expensive does not mean better. Don't be fooled by marketing things!

Still let me introduce you some cheaper puzzles made by Hanayama and designed by Yuu Asaka, you know the famous devilish packing puzzle designer !!

Jigsaw 19

This is the same copy as the Yuu Asaka version. Same pieces, same goal, same solution.

Maybe there is a very slight difference: the pieces are somewhat kind of rounded on some edges making the assembly more confusing than the Yuu's puzzles.

Jigwsaw 29


Same comment as Jigsaw 19


Jigsaw 28

Compared to the 2 previous puzzles, this one, as far as I know, has not (yet?) been produced by Yuu and thus making it a unique design by Hanayama.

This is the trickiest of these 3 because of the shape of the pieces. I hope and bet that you have an idea of how the pieces will connect together right....many possibilities!! This puzzle is no joke!

For sure, I advise you to buy it. For the price you will get plenty hours of thinking. No doubt about that.

The quality is perfect and the previous 2, the fit is very precise. Nothing bad to say!

WARNING: these puzzles come assembled. If you don't want to spoil the fun, open them blindfolded or ask someone to open them and scramble the pieces.

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