Sunday, 30 October 2022

3rd lock from Sashko

You may already be aware of Sashko's previous locks: Titan and Her Key to the Treasure. Now you will be able to enjoy another lock (it's been long time that Sashko has not relesad a new puzzle).

And it's not a small's HEAVY !

This big lock is called "Monoblock" and it's a 1kg puzzle. Don't drop it on your feet....

The goal is easy to guess: open the lock !


I quickly made some discoveries that lead me on the right track and I made some progress smoothly. Actually it did not take me long time to solve, but I assume if you don't get the right ideas at the right moment, then it may take some more time. Especially one step that may be a bit tricky and I am not even sure that I did it in the intended way... Nevermind it worked :)

Also about the last step, I don't really fully understand at 100% how it works despite having managed to perform it several times...

Obviously this is a must-have if you like trick locks and metal puzzles !

Compared to Saskho's previous lock, it's definitely less challenging than his Titan puzzle. 

But after all, a break in terms of difficulty is never a bad ide, don't you think so?

I am in a hurry to see what Sashko will prepare for us in the (hopefull soon) future !!

You can buy the lock at Sashko's etsy shop

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