Sunday, 20 August 2023

When you have several anti-slide problems with one puzzle...

 .... it can only be good ! And you get more fun !

A couple of anti-slides packing is a puzzles with 3 different challenges designed by Vladimir Krasnoukhov.

As the name of this puzzle implies, there are two anti-slide tasks to this puzzle and one bonus packing challenge.

Task 1: Pack the pieces of Set 1 into the tray so that no piece can move ('anti-slide')

Task 2: Pack the other four pieces in Set 2 into the tray so that no piece can move and that the pieces will form a symmetrical shape at the same time.

Task 3: Pack all the pieces into the tray

I find this little guy very interesting for the several challenges and the look of the solution (yes I solved all the 3 puzzles!).

I fiddled a lot for the challenges but the goal can help you a bit. Indeed for one challenge it's mentioned "symetrical shape" so you can try several symetry shapes and check if the result can fit inside the tray.

Actually I thought that the symetry stuff added more complexity, but not all all because the solution has to be symetrical and if it's not symetrical you cannot fit the pieces :)

The solutions are really rewarding and you can admire the genius mind which created these puzzles !!

I cannot remember if the puzzle arrived with Task 3 solved, but I bet so as it's easier to pack safely the pieces during shipping. 

So I would advise you to scramble the pieces behind your back or ask for a friend's help :)

In all honesty, I had great fun with the puzzle and I advise at 100% to buy it. If you love anti-sliding packing (as I do) you won't be disappointed and if you love plexi and/or Vladimir's puzzles, then it's also a must-have in your collection.

You can buy the puzzle at Puzzle Master webshop

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