Sunday 2 June 2024

Pocket change BLUE

If you've never played with any pocket change puzzles by Piker, let me tell you something: you missed a lot!

Piker designed an printed with 3D printers some very nice puzzles amond them 2 are sequencial discovery puzzles and 5 are what he called "Pocket change" puzzles.

"Pocket" because they are small, can be carried out everywhere and contain a lot inside. Not sure about the real meaning of "change" here? Or maye you get a lot for your money (which is true actually).

This Pocket Change BLUE one is very addictive like a fidget toy. Honestly I managed to solve it many times but I still cannot figure out a reliable method to solve it every time I want. And this is a bit frustrating, especially because you cannot see the mechanism. Did I mention that the quality is still super great?

It a nice addition to the series and one of my favourite one!

You can buy it on Puzzle Master webshop!

If you want the other ones: RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, PURPLE

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