Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Some enigmas for your X-mas holidays

Hey you, puzzle solver! Those enigmas are for you if you accept the challenge to solve them.
Some of them require obstinacy... So let's begin!

Enigma #1
Let's begin by the most difficult enigma this time and be sure, it is a very very difficult one !
You have to find the numerical values which correspond to the symbols, so that the addition becomes correct.

Enigma #2
Go from "START" the the "END" without going diagonally or going twice through the same "box". The total of your path has to be 54.

Enigma #3
In grid A you can see 4 circles. They are neither in the same row, nor in the same column. 
But 2 of them are in diagonal (look at the arrow).
Put those 4 circles in grid B, so that they are neither in the same colum, nor in the same row, nor in diagonal.

I needed to make the picture very big, otherwise it's difficult to see anything...Sorry about that.

Enigma #4
Draw a circle with a point in the center like in the picture below.
You are neither allowed to use a rubber nor to lift your pencil from the paper!!
This is a tricky enigma, and so you need to "think out of the box" (fashion expression these days that many bloggers or people use...too often?...^^)

Good luck! Enjoy!!

Merry X-mas for you guys, hope you will spend good times with your friends and family and also that Father X-mas will put many puzzles under the X-mas tree. I am sure you deserve them :-)


  1. Hi, thanks for the riddles. I found the first one intersting. I didn't try the second one. The third is easy, and the fourth is well-known.

    1. Hi Guillaume, you're welcome :-)
      Try the 2d one. Indeed the 3rd is not overly difficult and the 4th is tricky. The 1st one is very very difficult. If you need hints, drop me an email :-)