Friday, 20 December 2019

Impossible metal puzzle

Long time I have not spoken about impossible puzzles. Well they are not that common....!

But see below a nice one that I discovered recently made by Ivan Kochkin

It's composed of several dodecahedrons "trapped" in one another, all in metal and assumely made in only one block of metal.

Usually impossible puzzle/items are made with a trick like an invisible cut or using heat/water to soften the material for example. But in this case (despite not knowing precisely how it was made), no tricks are involved, just a lot of skills!!!

Honestly how is that possible to craft with such precision so many geometrical shapes??....Very intriguing and very pleasant to play with it.

Definitely a work of art and a nice addition to a puzzle collection :)

You can find them: ebay
Ivan has also a youtube channel


  1. Hello Niko. This is Ivan. Thanks for your review.

    Yes, I confirm these things were made from a single piece of stock, aluminum in this case. I started making these things about 12 years ago, on a manual machine - lathe. Depending on size and complexity, it took up to several days to make a puzzle that days. I designed and built a CNC lathe last year to speed-up a manufacturing process from several days to several hours. So, what you see isn't a magic, but a result of modern technology on top of imagination and calculations.

    I recently posted an article about these puzzles on one of the resources. It's in Russian, but one can see pictures of other puzzles and the tools used.

  2. A video showing it all being done, by Engineer Bruns.