Sunday, 21 November 2021

My first 3D-printed burr puzzle

I have already tried metal burr puzzle like one of the Strijbos', but never before a 3D-printed burr. 

Now this is done and I will express my feeling in this post.

This burr puzzle is called Moai's Tomb (MT for the rest of the review), designed and made by Andrew Crowell, famous for all his several 3D puzzle and interlocking ones as well.

The goal of MT is to free the head, literally, of the puzzle. Do do so you need to push/pull and 4 buttons and the head as well. Note that only the head-piece can be taken out of the box.

14 moves are enough to solve the puzzle, but I assume I made way more. However I did not apply any specific logic (is there any to solve burr puzzles?) and at some point I solved the puzzle. Honestly it's not a super difficult puzzle, so for a non-burr solver this is the perfect puzzle to start with.

I did not only manage to solve it, but also to reassemble it. Congrats for myself :)

Seriously I feel a bit proud, as burr puzzles are known to be super difficult. But don't get me wrong this is still a challenging puzzle, it's not that straight-forward.

Now, how is it great or not to solve it due to its material? Honestly, it's very great! The moves are smooth, it's very pleasant.


So now, what about starting to like burr puzzle? Want a try? Check Puzzle Master website to buy it !

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