Saturday, 6 November 2021

Cube 1 puzzle

Here is a new puzzle from Efcé Jeux, a French puzzle business from which I lave already reviewed some time ago their puzzles.

This time this is a cube puzzle and the goal is to free the small squared shape that is located in the middle of the puzzle.


For this task you need to use the wooden "key" to push/pull some small sliders that surround each side of the puzzle

Basically Cube 1 puzzle can be considered as a dynamical maze as you want to create a path to achieve your goal, so you need to open and close some paths several time.

What is funny is that when you push some parts of the puzzle you don't know in advance where it will have the consequence. I mean: if you push on a part on one side, then it won't necessarily be pulled out from the exact opposite side, you get it? :)


After some time of puzzling I finally managed to solve the puzzle. I would say that the puzzle is challenging in my mind. So I would not totally agree with the difficulty that is supposed to be medium. 

But again, the difficulty is somewhat different from some people to others.


I had some fun to see all the small parts being pushed and pulled during the solving process. 

But take care of where you put your fingers, as you don't want to go back during the solving process if you push some parts without doing it on purpose :)

Anyway, this is a nice little puzzle and as usual with Efce Jeux a nicely made one!

You can grab one on their website!

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  1. Effectivement, la difficulté est relative... je pensais faire 4 niveaux... à voir si je réévalue les codes couleurs suivant les retours... merci pour ce relais !