Monday, 27 October 2014

Unknown name

I got this puzzle long time ago in a magazine dedicated to puzzles. I don't remember neither the name of this puzzle (if anyone can help me), nor the difficulty, nor the type of wood used...
The only thing I remember is that is was quite cheap.
The goal is to put together the several pieces of the puzzle to make a pyramid as you can see below:

The pieces of this puzzles are balls glued together to form different shapes.

As for the difficulty, I would say that it's not easy, but not very difficult; I would say medium. 
You need to fiddle around which piece you put first, and then try many combinations with your remaining pieces, put in a different way the pieces (they can move).
To conclude I would say that this a a fun puzzle to play with, and it is always funny to let it try to your friends and see that they have some difficulties to start this puzzle ;-)

Will you start like this...?

Or will you start like that...?

POST EDIT: the name is "The infernal pyramid" and the magazine was called "Classic Puzzles & Brainteasers". Unfortunately I did not keep it (I cannot find it...) ;-(


  1. I believe the original inventor of this puzzle is Piet Hein, the same man who invented the Soma Cube. Invented in 1970, he called it Pyramystery.

  2. One interesting thing about this puzzle is that all the pieces can also be assembled into two 10-ball tetrahedra, though they tend to fall apart without a base plate.