Thursday, 19 March 2015

The wooden snowball

This wonderful puzzle box made with holy is the Puzzlebox n°9 crafted by the famous and experienced Robert Yarger (aka Stickman).

Rob considered it to be close to the most perfect box he has ever made because of its simplicity: only 6 panels that are blocked by one another. At the beginning there was a small rope on one side of the puzzle to hold it as X-Mas tree ornament. But honestly if it had a small loop rope, I would not try to hold it because if it falls, it may break...

This holy wood has something special as you can see: it has many knots that make the puzzle very special and unique. The knots can also help to recognize each panel to remember the correct sequence to open the puzzle.

Even if this wood is supposed to be enough strong, the joints of the puzzle are quite thin, and thus I would recommend not using force...

Once the lid of the puzzle is opened, the puzzle can come apart into 6 pieces. As you can see from the picture below, each puzzle is signed with the Stickman's signature in the inside.

A really nice puzzle to have in your collection!

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