Thursday, 15 October 2015

Push box 2

After the Push box that I reviewed some time ago, here is the next one: Push box 2 !

Same designer (Simon Nightingale), same kind of material (corian), pretty same dimensions, but not same mechanism (luckily!).

Again you do not see what you're doing and unfortunately you will not be able to see the internals. The good point is that the drawer cannot fall on the floor :-)

Now, what about the mechanism? Well, nothing new...So, nobody will have difficulties to solve it quickly. It took me around 10 seconds.

Nightingale is famous for his puzzles with clever and interesting mechanism, I wish he invented a new mechanism and did not simply took an already existing kind of mechanism, even if it was an exchanged puzzle.

Anyway, whether you like corian or just collect Nightingale's puzzles, I recommend it. If you want a bit of challenge, that's not the puzzle for you!

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