Thursday, 11 February 2016


Alcyl, also known as Aluminium cylinder or Blue cylinder is a metal puzzle designed by Iwahiro.

The goal is obviously to open the cylinder!

Nice anodized blue
I heard many people who had issues with this puzzle or who has jammed it. Actually it can happen with this puzzle (it did not happen to me, luckily) if you use force and/or if you do not understand what you're doing! Remember what Strijbos usually says "there is no hurry, take your time" :-)

That's definitely not a puzzle that will keep you puzzling for hours, unless you blocked it...then your next challenge is to unblock it.
I solved it very quickly and was a bit disapointed by the "mechanism" which can easily be damaged, which leads to a jammed puzzle...

I wished the puzzle was a bit more challenging, but still if you collect Iwahiro's puzzles and/or metal puzzles, then this is a nice addition to your collection (for a not too expensive price).
For the guys who are looking for challenging puzzles, then it's not the puzzle you need!

It seems flat, but it's really a cylinder :-)

What's your favourite cylinder puzzle?


  1. I don't think I have any cylinder puzzles! It doesn't seem that common a shape for puzzles.

    1. Don't you even have the first cylinder designed by Wil Strijbos? He may have some in stock.
      But indeed, it's not a common shape for puzzles and it would be fun to see more cylindrical puzzles :-)