Thursday, 17 March 2016

Sweta cross

I know that this puzzle has been reviewed many times over the past recent weeks, but nevermind I also wanted to give my feeling about this puzzle.

This metal puzzle was designed and made by Wil Strijbos with a reference of the Swiss flag (hence the wooden cross shape that goes with the puzzle) and also of the name of one of his friends. Makes sense, right? :-)

The puzzle looks like clearly Wil's past puzzle called the aluminium cross, but that where the similarities end. With of course the same goal: separate the 2 parts of the puzzle.

 I like the shape of the puzzle and I feel it's really nice that it comes with a wooden stand (unfortunately it does not protect the bottom of puzzle, which would have been even nicer). The finish of the puzzle is good and the precision is, of course, very good!

The big difference with  the aluminium cross is that this puzzle has many ball bearings that go in and out of small metal rods and you can see that through plexi windows. So actually the puzzle would have been harder without this windows, but less nice. Sometimes you have to choose between two difficult options :-)

When you play with this puzzle you notice the ball bearings that randomly enter the metal rods or leave out of them but you cannot clearly see what going on in these rods. No matter what would be the outcome you still move again and again the puzzle just to admire the movements of these ball bearings...Yes I know pretty useless. But perhaps you hope secretly that with a bit of luck you will manage to solve the puzzle. But you will never solve it with luck. Don't worry, this is not a difficult puzzle at all, you just need to have good ideas at the right moment...

For the moment only 2 ball bearings...but after maybe more...or less...

I solved it and could admire the mechanism which is simple but efficient. It works all the time and once you know the method you can solve this puzzle easily and very fast! No need to say that it is much simpler than the alu cross and less painful for your fingers. If anyone has already played (I am sure!) with the alu cross they should know what I am talking about...

Solved!! Doing my best not to spoil....not easy...maybe that was the puzzle...

To conclude: a pretty easy puzzle, a nice one though and well, either you collect metal puzzle and/or like Wil's puzzles, I am sure you will like this one!


  1. Nothing is more annoying than reading a review for a puzzle that says it is easy to solve when it isn't. I have not been able to solve the Sweta Cross, nor has a friend who is a puzzle enthusiast.

    1. Hahah I share your feeling sometimes as well. But believe me this is not a hard puzzle. PM me if you need help/hints/solution.


  2. I need help with the Sweta Cross please

  3. One more hint please

  4. A great puzzle - and yes, repeatable once you work out the secret.

  5. Can someone give me a hint?

  6. If you want hint, use the contact form to contact me