Thursday, 3 November 2016

Havana box #4

Made and designed more than 2 years ago, this wooden trick box belongs to a series of 4 puzzles. The goal of each havana boxes is to open them to free the cigar (a real one!) which lies inside.

The fit is very precise and the grain of the wood used is just awesome! Judge by yourself:

Ok, now, what about the mechanism and difficulty?
Eric said that the difficulty increases even more for the next box, so #4 should be the most difficult one. Actually, maybe yes, maybe no, it's not easy to compare when you have not played with the other 3 :-)

What you clearly notice is that you can more some pannels on the top, but that not going to help you that much. Of course, it may be part of the solution, but Eric put more steps in this puzzle than a simple move! Honestly this is a challenging puzzle, but well after all you have to deserve the cigar (not being a smoker, I hope it won't turn out "badly". Will it, if it stays in the box?)!!

I tried many things and after some time and soar hands (...) I managed to free the cigar. Opening the box won't reveal the mechanism, but maybe you can still guess how it works inside.

I saw the solution and I must admit I did not solve with the intended solution and I managed to find a short-cut, with which I am pretty happy (and it works!!).
Have you solved yours with the intended solution?

In my mind this is a great puzzle to have in a puzzler's collection, for the design, the material used and the quality.

Which Havana box do you prefer? And why?

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