Friday, 10 March 2017

Amazing cubes

Here is a new kind of puzzles I saw in the market: you have a wooden cube with 2 holes, you have something like a metal key, and the goal is just to put the metal key inside the cube and to free it after.

As you see the "holes" are designed in such a way that you cannot just put the key and that's it. You have to fist find the good hole, then put the first part of the key in the right position and then make some moves with the key to put it completely inside.

It did not take long time before solving each cube, so I would not say that it's as challenging as they  mention (they are rated as 4/5) but they are pleasant to solve.

I do think this is a very great idea, it's like a one piece packing puzzle. I wish some more puzzles like these can be designed.

These puzzles are from this webshop, they have several interesting puzzles. Have a look!

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