Saturday, 26 August 2017

Moulin rouge

This puzzle was made by Stephan Baumegger and exchanged during IPP in Paris.
This one really fits the IPP theme as the moulin rouge is a worldwide famous cabaret in Paris.

The goal is to free Colette who was trapped inside the moulin rouge.

Usually Stephan crafts burr puzzles (high level of burr), but from time to time he comes up with packing puzzles or other kind of puzzles. Not being a super fan of burr puzzles, I jumped on the occasion to get a nice puzzle made by this very seasoned man!

The craftmanship is very nice, I love it. The internals, not being a new kind of mechanism is well implemented in the puzzle.

I did not find this puzzle to be difficult, it's not staightforward because you can be blocked sometimes but very manageable for anyone. I knew what I had to do and it did not take time before I released Colette. However, I thought what blocked me was something a bit different, so I was a bit surprised.

Stephen provides a tool to free Colette but in my mind this is not useful because the stand of Colette was pretty tight attached to the internals (yes, I know what I say is confusing, but not sure how to say without spoiling...).

To conclude, a very nice looking puzzle and fun to play with. No doubt why it was awarded!

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