Thursday, 14 March 2019

Yuu Asaka made it again!!

So here comes the time to review the latest 2 puzzles designed and made by Yuu.

Some points good to mention before: the quality is still very good with a great contrast of colors between the color of the pieces and the color of the tray.
Also this time the pieces are not transparent, so less prone to fingerprints. And I like the smoothness of these pieces!

So let's start with the first: wave 5
Like its brother you have some wave-shaped pieces to pack inside the tray.
How difficult can it be? Well it's hard, it's puzzling, it's fun!
I was wondering why Yuu seemed to make difficult puzzles and then easier after. Like for example he released jigsaw 29 and then jigsaw 19, and clearly 19 is easier than 29.

Some may think it's easier then. Well wave 7 was super hard. Wave 5 is maybe a little bit less hard, but it's still very challenging and not that way easier.

I cannot say more, but you will have your "aha-moment" for sure pretty soon in your puzzling journey ;)

It took me a lot of time, way more than I expected. I like it a lot.

Now, Ice 9: the beast!!

Some nice pieces with weird angles.....The challenge is that you have many pieces that can go with many other due to the rounded or curved angles of the pieces. So a lot of possibilities to put the pieces together....and obviously you will have some holes as the pieces cannot cover the whole tray.

This is probably the most difficult puzzles in the whole series (as of now...who knows about the future hahaha) and this will keep you puzzling for long time. 

Trust me the "aha-moment" comes at the very end...and you really realize how Yuu is a very devilish guy. He likes to put you on the wrong way and you will do so....until you try new things.....

As with his previous puzzles, I can only say that you should definitely buy both puzzles. 

You can contact Yuu HERE. I don't think these puzzles are limited edition, but they may take "a bit" of time to make, so if you're in a hurry to be "puzzle-tortured", hurry up and send Yuu an email ;-)


  1. Replies
    1. Do you actually solve this or is it they all can just sit in the frame loophole

    2. How does one PM you? Ice 9 is driving me bat-shit crazy. I even wrote a computer program to try to solve it. No joy.

    3. @ Ron: just use the contact form on the right of the page :)


  2. Both solved, but I cannot show the solved state. Else it spoils the fun :)

    1. Thank you for confirming I can get all 9 pieces in if I had 1/4 inch more space lol I can get it so close with using ever piece as the last one I'm missing something its staring at me I just know it lol

  3. I have completed five of his puzzles in puzzle class, and today completed Ice 9 in about 15-20 fun!

  4. Ice 9 i about 15-20 minutes??? You're definitely a genius then or maybe you were lucky, or both ;-)
    Anyway congrats as Ice 9 is a beast !!!!!!

    Keep an eye on my blog, maybe I will review soon a new Yuu's puzzle...who knows....

  5. Definitely no genius, just lucky. Am good at jigsaw puzzles and shapes. Started around the edges with the curved ends in mind.

  6. Where do you purchase these from?

  7. hello, from the designer. You can find the link of his email in my posts (maybe all, else you will have to find out haha)where I review his puzzles.

  8. Personally I KNOW that I can solve your ice 9 puzzle. However does any store in USA sell this? Im not too keen spending 40 bucks on "desktop coaster".

  9. Well it's not my ice 9 puzzle, but yours :)
    Contact Yuu directly may be better.
    Why a "desktop coaster" if you know you can solve it?.... hahaha. It's the hardest in the series. If you feel desperate there is a video showing the solution by a famous youtuber....just saying

  10. My real question is WHERE can I BUY the ICE 9 here in the USA.? TY DJ

    1. I have no idea. You will have to sort that out :)
      Again, best is to contact Yuu. Sure the postage fees will be more expensive (it's still cheap), but the price you will pay through a US reseller will also be higher. It's up to you to choose