Friday, 2 October 2020

A new devilish packing puzzle: finally solved !!!

 Some time ago I told you about a packing puzzle designed and made by Bozo.

See here: CLICK

And finally I solved it !!!!!!!

I won't show you the solved state as it would completely spoil you, but I can tell that the puzzle is very difficult. No doubt why the designer rates it with a 10/10, and I completely agree with that.

You will soon realize that it has some common points with the Yuu's packing puzzles, but I would even say that this one is more difficult. One of the reasons why is that some pieces can go with many pieces.

So you don't have only one piece that matches with only another one piece. This is not spoiling because you will clearly see that soon.

Ok so after some puzzling time I came to the picture below.

There were 4 ugly pices left (hence the name of the puzzle)

How the hell could they fit inside the tray ??!! 3 pieces could fit together and the remaing one...could not fit.

I really throught there were some mistakes in the crafting of the puzzle. Normally when you solve the puzzle (and see: each piece fit well in the tray, no harm was made to the pieces haha) you should not have this configuration at the end...

After some time spent on that weird situation I decide to contact the designer. Of course he laughed at my nose saying that many people spent hours and hours on that situation and he even explained that no trickery was involved. Fine, fine... then why it's not solved ??????

I suggest you to not look too carefully at my picture and get the same situation as me. I don't want to be the only one who was blocked for hours on it hahah :-)

Having confirmation from the designer that the puzzle is "solvable" (well...I am saved !) I decided to have another (well other tried is better) try at the puzzle. In fact I did not solve it in one go and it took me several attempts. The main reason why is because pieces can go with many pieces as I said before.

Guess what! I even got pressure from the designer to solve the puzzle!!! Sorry I am not a machine lol. 

But after several days I finally solved it !!!!

To be honest: until the almost end of my puzzling journey I thought I did not put the pieces correctly because it seemed that I could not put my remaining pieces....

My "ah-ha" moment came at the very end. And at that moment I really thought that the designer is a mean creature. This is not nice to design such a puzzle !!!!

 The very interesting point of the puzzle, which makes it unique, is that you can think you solved the puzzle until you got 4 pieces left which don't seem to fit inside the tray (or do they? will they?) and then you have to think again to come to the real solution, contrary to a "regular" jigsaw puzzle where normally when 2 pieces fit together you're on the right way. Here, not at all :-)

A maybe little bit too difficult (for my mind actually), but a fun puzzle that will challenge you to your limits. And I still like to get some challenges!

Definitely a nice addition to the special packing puzzle to own in your collection.

You can still buy the puzzle: HERE


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