Saturday, 14 November 2020

Quick teaser: 8cat

Bozo has come up with a new design !!


Bozo's new design is called 8cat: you have to put the 16 pieces inside the frame

You can buy the puzzle: HERE

And don't forget to use my coupon code for this puzzle to get a price reduction: 5DXM55NF5M9A 

I need to solve it first, but I can tell you that it will hold a devilish secret like the ugly4 jigsaw.

So if you like the previous one, then I am sure you will like this one as well !


Just as a reminder, Bozo still have ugly4 jigsaw to sell: HERE

See my review of it: HERE

The puzzle is still available and you can still use my coupon code to get a 10% discount: RPW7ZMDYF6XZ

Just for you to know how to use the coupon code: when you put the puzzle in your cart you then need to click on "check out" and then on the next page you can enter the discount coupon to get the reduction !

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