Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Nosey puzzle

This puzzle was entered in the Puzzle Design Competition at the International Puzzle Party in 2018 and won an honorable mention as one of the top 6 puzzles in the Jury Awards. 

It was designed by Alexander Holroyd and if made of plexi.

The goal seems simple (actually it is!): put the pieces inside the frame.


Now with all the devilish packing puzzle designers such a Yuu Asaka, Bozo Stimac (8cats, Ugly4), MINE (newly made GoLeGo), then you should now be prepared for the "unusual" packing puzzles and you should now be able to "think outside the box". Are you?

Despite being pretty much prepared now, I feel always stupid to be stumped for long time on unusual packing puzzles. They always have something new and this is why I like them a lot! :)

Nosey puzzle is just an innocent 9 piece-puzzle but it will puzzle you because you will wonder why you always have one piece left. It was a challenge, less challenging than Bozo or Yuu puzzles, but still a nice challenge. And a doable one by any puzzle I feel.

Remember: if the technique you're using does not work, change your perception and do something crazy. Maybe that thing will work !

I highly recommend Nosey puzzle! A colorful and challenging puzzle that you should not miss !!

You can buy it on Puzzle Master Webshop

They even have the solution: HERE

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