Monday, 30 May 2022

369 SD puzzle box

 369 puzzle box is a 3D-printed puzzle designed by CreativeWorkshopCA.

I already review Eye of Horus, the Tiger and the Cryptex. But 369 puzzle box may be my favourite one.

It's a sequencial discovery with several tools you need to use to make some progress during your puzzling journey :)

You should discover some tools are the very beginning but you may be soon confused with how you should use them. That's not that obvious, but you need to experiment even if you think this is a stupid idea.

At some point I was blocked and I really wondered what to do. Basically the puzzle needed a bit of shaking (not necessary normally) because the official solution proved to me that I was right withmy ideas and that it should be opened. But again the puzzle does not need any force nor tapping. A slight shacking won't damage anything though and may be a bit useful.

It's not a big puzzle but still have many things inside its body and this is what I like. You don't need to have a big puzzle to have many things going on inside. And usually the biggest puzzles don't have (proportionnaly speaking) so many things inside.

I do recommend it at 200%. You will have a nice challenge with a satisfying solution for pretty cheap and for a top quality !!

You can buy it on ETSY

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