Monday, 11 July 2022

Nice little puzzles

Here is a quick post with a selection of puzzles for high puzzling value and low price.

Yeah you asked for it, now you get it !



A nice puzzle made by Jean-Claude Constantin. The goal is to free the ball bearing. Easy? At a first glance, yes. When looking more carefully...not that much. Because you need to take into account several parameters: the top plate rotates and there are several hidden paths.

The quality is awsome, so I don't have much negative things to say. Suitable for children and for seasoned puzzlers. If you're completely lost and want to start from the beginning, just unscrew the screw, open the puzzle, free the ball and play again!

Crazy crescents

This is not a puzzle but more a toy and the goal is to make different shapes. I like a lot the screwing process. It's fun and can be considered as a fidget toy. And it's colorful !!

Rubix's cube secret box

Well the correct name is: Oskar's treasure chest, but the idea is that you have a box in the shape of a rubix cube. And this is clearly a rubix'scube that you solved with the existing algorithms of the rubix's cube.

I need to tell you it's not a professional rubix's cube so you cannot perform the "corner cuttings".

Valentine puzzle

A nice plexi puzzle with several challenges created by Russian designer Vladimir Krasnoukhov.

Task 1: Using all five elements of the set, make different silhouettes as pictured in the instructions.  Elements can be flipped and turned, but they must not overlap.  You can make more than 100 different symmetrical polygons with different number of angles.  The hardest one to make seems to be a polygon with 13 angles.

Task 2: Using all five elements of the set, make two congruent shapes simultaneously (ie. equal in form and size).  There are 2 solutions.

Task 3: Prove that using this set of elements one can tile an infinite plane.

I think this is a fun puzzle because you can being entertained for several hours. You don't get only one puzzle, but many!

I think there is one missing challenge (easy): put all the pieces in the tray


Well known game: many traps, many path. You need dexterity, patience and nerves to solve it. Don't be in a hurry to move slowly the ball from start to end!

You can find the puzzles on Puzzle Master webshop (click on the name and there will be a link that put you direcly to the puzzles



Rubix's cube secret box

Valentine's puzzle

Crazy crescents

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