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Isis puzzle

Let me introduce the puzzle with a story: the myth about the Isis puzzles.

"Long time ago, during the Ancient Egypt lived King Tutankhamun .
Powerful and very respected for his wisdom, he sadly died at an early age.
As a King, he was mummified in a sarcophagus incrusted with a lot of diamonds and gold.
Fearing for his wealth, he asked, long time before his death, his closest confidants to spread it all around the world.
His wishes were fulfilled and his wealth was put in many royal pyramids, which were hidden in many countries.
Tutankhamun was smart and he did not want his wealth be found by thieves.
Thus, he created golden puzzles (his favourite color) with devilish cores inside that could only be solved by humble and brave men.
Those puzzles were the first key leading to his wealth.
Currently, former King Tutankhamun can rest in peace in his sarcophagus because not all the pyramids have been discovered"

Here are the characteristics of the puzzles:

This puzzle belongs to a series of 5 puzzles called the Isis (the one I am reviewing), the Ramisis (with a pyramid shape), the Copernisis which looks like the solar system, the Tessarisis which has a cube shape, and the last one that is not yet relased.

So what about the ISIS?

This puzzle is beautifully made in aluminium with CNC machines, very smooth when you manipulate it and quite heavy (450g = 1.2lbs). It was created by Andrew Reeves and are made in UK, which is a proof that they are quality products.
There are many editions for each puzzle. For example, this one is the extreme edition, but there is also the Isis with the original colors (Gold & Blue), the Isis Black & Gold, the Isis Titanium & Blue, what changes is, of course, the difficulty!

Isn't it nice?

Each puzzle is presented in a leather box which highlights the beauty of the puzzle.
The black box fits perfectly with the gold and blue colors of the Isis!
As far as I know, I have never seen a puzzle with so much care given to the box: usually, puzzles arrive in a bubbles wrapping with scotch tape and that's all...
The packaging may be useful...
Here, that's not the case! Of course there is a carton box with scotch tape and bubbles wrapping, but also a beautiful carton box which protects the leather box.
You can really say with no shame that is a work of art!

On the Isis puzzle you can see many hieroglyphics, that makes you think of the Egyptian period, written all around it and the packaging (keep it!) has also many. So, the name of the puzzle fits perfectly with the design of it, and also to the story that goes with (we will talk to this a little bit after).

Please take care of the following: once you have solved any of the puzzles, please read the instructions to reassemble them. Otherwise, you could make wrong things that could jam the puzzles!

If you buy the Isis, that gives you the opportunity to participate to a tresure hunt with many prizes to win!

Let me explain this adventure, the Isis Adventure:

If you buy one puzzle from Sonic Games, that gives you the right to open a pyramid with money to earn.
You can open as many pyramids as you want, provided that you have the same number of puzzles.
So, if you own 3 puzzles, you can "open" 3 pyramids, whereas if you only have 1 puzzle you will be eligible to open only 1 pyramid.

What is a pyramid?
There are real pyramids that may be located in many places around the world, in some shops for example. They are kept by pyramid guardians.
The virtual pyramids can be seen on the internet.
The reward for opening pyramids is money! And for sure, the pride of having been able to solve the hard enigmas.
If you are the 1st person to open it, you receive a lot of money, if you are the second you receive a bit less.
Luckily, it is explicitly said if a pyramid has been opened, so that you don't go to the pyramid localization for nothing...

How to open the pyramids?
First, you need to buy the Isis or the Ramisis puzzle and then you enter the code on the internet by registering your puzzle.
Then, you are showed with a map about the localizations of the pyramids.
To open the pyramids you need to solve enigma and get a code.
You also need to solve an enigma to know where the pyramids are (city, place, and so on)

Are there still unopened pyramids?
Of course, and many! Because enigmas are difficult!

What about the enigmas?
Well, there are many enigmas and you can work on many as you want, but you will only have the right to open 1 if you have only 1 puzzle, as mentioned before.

If the pyramid is in the USA and I live in Europe, how to do?
Well, either you are sured that you have the right code, you book your plane and you try to pay less for your plane that you can get rewarded from the pyramid...
But the best option for this is to open the virtual pyramids you can find on the internet. However, the prize is less huge for virtual pyramids than for real pyramids.

What is the goal of having many (or all the) puzzles?
Well, first you can like challenges and be willing to solve all the puzzles, and even the most difficult puzzles for each series of puzzles.
Moreover, if you own the Isis and the Ramisis, you can try to solve a special enigma that gives you the right to open a platinium pyramid, which is a pyramid with a lot a lot of money, much more than for the "regular" golden pyramids.
So you can imagine how difficult must be the enigma to solve ;-)
And as I said before, if you have 4 puzzles, you may be able to open 4 pyramids, and thus to fund your purchase! ;-)
There is also a special prize (with a very huge amount of money to win) if you are to first to solve all the puzzles.

What about the packaging?
Haven't you been told not to throw away everything? ;-)
Don't throw the packaging away. First, because it is handsome. Then, because it protects the leather box. And finally, it may have an enigma written on it, with perhaps prizes to earn!

Any other prizes to earn?
Sure there is a very very rare and special puzzle to win: an Isis puzzle Gold & Silver encrusted with 1 carat of 5 diamonds. Only 4 of these puzzles have been made and they are worth $25,000.
To be able to win this puzzle you need to solve 4 enigmas that you will find in the adventure code book. They may be the hardest enigma of all the Isis adventure thus...
The aim of the book is also to explain the story of the puzzles, the pyramids, the creation of the firm, how to run this international business, it's kind of biography. Andrew Reeves has been dedicating so much effort since many years to create this business, to think about the pyramids, the enigmas, the design of the puzzles... Realize all the work needed! All the travels to many countries to hide the pyramids, to build a network of people to work with (be the guardian of the pyramids, sell the product, etc.). That is so much work!! And for all of his work, I have only one word: CONGRATULATIONS!

To conclude, you should buy this puzzle (and also the other ones of course) if:
  • You like solving puzzles: they are challenging!
  • You like collecting puzzles: there are many colors with different levels of difficulty
  • You think that the design is important for a puzzle: they shine a lot, smooth and pleasant to play with, the name is not choosen randomly, etc.
  • You like having a puzzle with its box (and a leather box!) and not only a bubbles wrapping...
  • You want to participate in a wonderful and tremendous treasure hunt and earn a lot of money and other special prizes!

I think every people may find interest in the reasons mentioned above ;-)
And perhaps through the treasure hunt, you will better discover yourself, who knows.
Remember the famous "cogito ergo sum" ("know well yourself first") from Descartes, and this may be the best discovery!

"Discovery" is the word that best embodies the concept of the Isis adventure: you need to discover how to solve the puzzles, you need to discover the enigmas, the places where the pyramids are located and the passwords...So, be curious!

Coming event 

If you live in France or close to France, this may interest you a lot: 1 pyramid will be hidden in the suburb of Lille (north of France) from the end of November until it is found.
Remember, you first need to solve enigmas (so first buy an Isis or a Ramisis and open it) and crack the code to have the right to open the pyramid.
But at least you know a bit where it will be ;-)
Get ready and hurry up, time's running out so fast!!

HERE you can buy the Isis puzzle and many others!!

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